Deadsplinter Up! All Night: Sorry Charlie!

No, Not that one, Chali 2na! Ok, I’ll admit it, I don’t like most current rap music.  The poser, wanna be gangster stuff annoys me the most.  I do love a few rap/hip hop artists that produce real music with real instruments.  One of my favorites is Chali 2na.  His baritone voice is incredibly infectious and recognizable in any song.  I first saw him with Ozomatli which blew me away with how they could incorporate Latin funk with hip hop. 

A year after I saw him with Ozo, I saw him with Jurassic 5.  They were amazingly talented rappers that could harmonize like nothing I had ever heard.

He has collaborated with way too many acts to list but one of my favorites was this with Slightly Stoopid.

This one “Comin Thru” was done with some of the Harmony Project kids which gives underserved students access to music, instruments and higher education. Good to see a rapper being a role model for the next generation.  Music starts at :44



  1. My knowledge of this genre is weak. Looking forward to expanding my mind with these selections and whatever else may be posted tonight!
    Old school:

    • That is awesome, great video too. I always loved this song. When they did these harmonies, it was like rap barbershop kinda stuff. They all had a different style but fit so well together.

  2. It’s late, I had a very long day, so I’m gonna cheat a little. I don’t know a lot about rap or hip hop, except what myo and SplinterRIP have taught me. Does dancehall chatting count? I LOVE Sister Carol. Everyone knows her Wild Thing(why the hell didn’t I post this on Cover night?)

    And her new one World Needs Love

  3. Dancehall is where rap came from when they were called Toasters. Sister Carol is a great choice.. I may have to do a dancehall DUAN next week!

  4. …well I certainly feel like what the brits would call “a right charlie” for not making it this far last night…really family worrying about you can be so inconvenient when you & your brain & some of the family all seem to exist in slightly the wrong timezones…particularly when the one I actually reside in doesn’t seem to line up with the one my head considers relevant where sleep is concerned at the best of times…which fankly these aren’t…so apologies for being late to the party & generally for a tendency to dip into what might not be your slice of the hip hop world from time to time when I’m feeling nostalgic

  5. …truthfully I’m not really fluent enough to catch all the lyrics but I saw the orishas live a couple of times & if memory serves the’d be a draw from the right slice in the live instruments+hip hop category…& the first time I saw them they had these guys in support…who might be in the wrong column but put on a great show all the same

  6. …I guess I like to think I never really picked a coast so I don’t know if that makes me bi-coastal or agnostic…but I’ll spare you a slew of Anticon links or a run of Non Prophets or something from ol’ London town for once & just give a shout out to one lot that don’t always use live instruments even when they use live instruments

    …the beatboxer in this little lot can (& I’ve seen it at least a couple of times live) knock out pretty much any instrument someone cares to yell at him at the drop of a hat…or, indeed, a beat

      • …I don’t claim to know what they’re saying in the tunes but I actually met them a while back & honestly they’re charming as anything in person

        …also they’re some of the most self-effacing people I’ve come across in a hip hop context…they’re kind of a big deal where they hail from but they seemed so modest about it it took me a while to figure out

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