DeadSplinter Up! All Night: Soul Kicks and Singapore Slings

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Singapore Sling is a band from Reykjavik, Iceland. They remind me a little bit of Jesus and Mary Chain, with more fuzz and less humor. I don’t think of Icelandic folks as especially dark and glowering, but these tunes are grumpy psychedelic grunge which just may match my mood. Some of their tunes almost verge into Lemmy’s territory.

Soul Kicks

Fuck Everything

And here’s how to make a Singapore Sling:

Thank you for your support of DeadSplinter and DUAN.

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    • weird tangent, but I believe the title of this album is named after Suzanne Vega’s daughter (Ruby Froom (I think with her former producer(?) something-Froom?)), but Vega objected to the use of her daughter’s name due to internet or whatever, so they went with this.
      I may have horribly mangled that, but I’m pretty sure it’s one of the things she talked about on occasion at her concerts.

  1. Yea! I remember Singapore Sling. While I’m not sure if I’m missing the theme, I’m inspired to give props to another lovely Icelandic band, Feldberg. This is such a gently energetic, dreamy, and blissful love song.

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