DeadSplinter Up! All Night: Soul

Last Friday Keitel did Pop. Today we’re doing Soul. Let’s start things with some Otis Redding:

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One two. One two three four. Hit it!



  1. Speelburg, When You Want Me.


  2. Charles Bradley – Where Do We Go From Here


    • Charles and the band were here a few years ago for a local music festival. They were outstanding.

    • you were almost contractually obligated to post it!
      btw, cropper and dunn were in both ‘I’ve Been Loving You Too Long’ and ‘Soul Man’
      ‘I’ve Been Loving You Too Long’:
      Drums: Al Jackson Jr.
      Tenor  Saxophone: Andrew “Love” Jackson
      Keyboards: Booker T. Jones
      Bass  Guitar: Donald “Duck” Dunn
      Baritone  Saxophone: Floyd Newman
      Trumpet: Gene “Bowlegs” Miller
      Keyboards: Isaac Hayes
      Producer: Isaac Hayes
      Supervisor: Jim Stewart
      Lead  Vocals: Otis Redding
      Guitar: Steve Cropper
      Engineer: Tom Dowd
      Trumpet: Wayne Jackson
      Writer: Jerry Butler
      Writer: Otis Redding
      ‘Soul Man’:
      Jake Blues aka John Belushi (Vocals)
      Dan Aykroyd aka Elwood Blues (Vocals, Harp)
      Paul Shaffer (Musical Director, Keyboards)
      Matt Murphy (Guitar)
      Steve Cropper (Guitar)
      Duck Dunn (Bass)
      Alan Rubin (Trumpet)
      Tom Scott (Saxophone)
      Lou Marini (Saxophone)
      Tom Malone (Trombone)
      Steve Jordan (Drums)


      • …those two are/were great & I’m pretty sure played on a lot more tunes than I could name but probably liked when I heard them

        …but much as I enjoy the blues brothers I still think of soul man as a sam & dave number…like this one

        …& iirc correctly one of them told the story of how they wrote the hook in a documentary I saw one time…basically the one guy was at the piano & came up with the tune…decided it had potential & yelled to the other who was on a bathroom break “hey, I think I got something here” & the other one yelled back “hold on, I’m coming”…& the one at the piano was all “huh…you know that kind of works actually”

        • oh yes, it’s a Sam and Dave number. no question there!

          isaac hayes co-wrote ‘soul man’. another connection!

          • …which I nearly posted…but the “kinda had to” was as much for picking the blues brothers version as it was for picking the kinda obvious tune

            …speaking of which

  3. Reggae Got Soul!  RIP Toots!


  4. Us3 – Soul Brother


    • yes it’s must! thanks mw.
      this could be the whole jb set:

      and the whole thing:

    • I can’t hear the name Clarence Carter without thinking of a nightclub I used to frequent that all the wait staff would jump on the bar when this song came on and start dancing…good times!

      • I can’t hear the name Clarence Carter

        and not think of Strokin.
        I mean the song! 😛

  5. Here’s a good one.

    Betty Harris – Mean Man

  6. Johnny Daye, born John DiBucci, out of Pittsburgh, PA was the greatest blue-eyed soul singer who ever lived.  He was discovered by Johnny Nash and was a close friend, mentee and opening act for the great Otis Redding.  He recorded several hits for Stax with a backing band of Booker T & the MGs and the Stax horns along with Otis and Isaac Hayes on piano.  His trajectory was straight up when Otis died, then Martin Luther King was assassinated and soul music was to take a more militant tone and the idea of a white soul singer lost currency.  His live shows were considered some of the best and people compared him to James Brown.

    • As a native yinzer I’m happy to see this posted.

  7. the Stones covered ‘I’ve Been Loving You Too Long’

    but this is better:

    • Bobby Womack wrote the Stones first #1 hit, It’s All Over Now

      • yes, thanksfor the reminder!

        It’s All Over Now Rolling Stones WideScreen HiQ Hybrid JARichardsFilm 720p

      • …I thought their first single was a cover of…I want to say chuck berry?

        …but I guess that’s different from a hit…either way that’s something I’d forgotten so thanks for the reminder

        • It was there first #1 in the UK. I love the Stones and Bobby Womack

          • …can’t disagree with either call…both are great

    • Tina and Ike used to do an epic version

  8. Bobby Womack – Woman’s Gotta Have It


    • Stand By Me | Playing For Change | Song Around The World

      (Sittin’ On) The Dock of the Bay feat. Jack Johnson | Otis Redding 50th Anniversary

    • I’m back in school, so checking in to let y’all know I didn’t catch Covid or something.

      • Good to know. Hope you find some time to stop by now and then.

      • …best of luck with the studying…& always good to hear from you when you get a moment

  9. oh hell….i guess ill just go for blue eyed soul

  10. Wait…
    HOW am I NOT  seeing any Sam Cooke here yet, y’all?!?!???
    I mean, it IS hard to narrow it down to a handful of songs, since he sang SO MANY great ones, but I’ll start here;

    And the song which first led me to Cooke, because it played such a pivotal segment of the movie Cadence (which was played ALL the time on cable, back when i was in high school!);

    Because there’s nearly ALWAYS a ‘Jovi for that😉;

    And because Ms Day is one of my favorite *current* singers;


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