Deadsplinter Up! All Night: Soundtrack to your Life

When I was a very young boy my decade older sister would take me everywhere with her. In the 70’s nothing was cooler than on the weekends the local theater would show the new surf movies. My favorite was 5 Summer Stories, not just for the surfing but the soundtrack by the band Honk. I was so psyched from the movie I made her take me surfing the next day. Even though I was too little to carry my own 8ft board she would have a friend carry it down to the shore and send me on my way (seems a little unwise looking back!) while they would play volleyball all day. I would stay out most of the day catching waves, pretending to be Gerry Lopez and humming this song.

Fun Fact: Butch Van Artsdalen featured in this video was a lifeguard at Pipeline and always had a 12pack in the tower with him. Few people could swim out there sober & he saved people drunk off his ass.

Fun Fact 2: To this day my sister loves Honk & constantly listens to them.

Do you have a soundtrack or song stuck in your head when you do something?



  1. Glad you had a “Lovely Day”, Ellie!

    Bill Withers has always been one of my favorite artists. At the peak of his career, he walked away from it all to help children who stutter and have speech difficulties, just as he did as a child.

    • I have to admit I was not aware of the Allman Betts Band until recently hearing them on our really cool local radio station. I immediately thought of you Luv & wondered why you have not posted them yet? Pretty cool to see another generation and read about how they are paying tribute to the parents.

      • Thanks Shaq! Yes, The Allman Betts Band has been together for a while now, and Dickey was even playing with them for a bit before his health started to really suffer.

        To answer your question as to why I have never posted them? I never like to criticize music, any kind of music, so I will be as diplomat as I possibly can. After loving the Allman Brothers for my entire life and having seen dozens of their shows, it is difficult for anyone, even their children, to fill their shoes. In my humble opinion, there are a lot of terrific Southern Rock Bands who maybe are not named after legends of the genre, who I would love to see get some more traction.

  2. Music has been such a big part of my life both listening to it and making it. My friends joke that everything is a song cue for me. So rather than try to pick just one or two songs associated with particular memories I’ll give you the one that exemplifies my youth.
    Iggy Pop – Real Wild Child

  3. That’s funny. I’ve never seen that movie, but I have that album and I’ve been listening to it for years. Not sure why I never checked out the film. I think it’s always been kind of hard to find, maybe?

    I have this thing, and I’m sure other people do it, that if I’m listening to, or hear, a piece of music while doing something once, from then on when I do that activity I’ll have that music in my head. One time I must have listened to this piece by Chico Hamilton while folding laundry and now whenever I’m folding laundry it runs through my brain. Helps to keep a good rhythm.

    Passin’ Thru – Chico Hamilton Quintet

  4. …much as I love all the deep cuts & rare grooves you folks litter these threads with I fear it may already have been established that I’m dreadful when it comes to narrowing my picks down to the singular…& this particular brief may be akin to kryptonite as far as that’s concerned

    …I have, now that you’ve gone & made me think about it, legions of these sort of like Jonee’s example but mostly in reverse so that when I think about different periods in life rafts of different songs come to mind…or sometimes it’s not times but places, or people, or even states of mind…so, since in the time it took me to make my way down here my train of thought seems to have tracked back to my childhood & not really made it all the way back out here are a couple of less-than-obscure numbers that (despite the title of the first one) did a fair bit to keep pre-teen me sane?

    [ETA: it’s worth noting I very much listened to these back then – music videos were not something I saw a lot of…& I’m not sure I would have played that Seal tune as often as I did on that shitty walkman if I’d had all that 80’s dramatic posturing running through my mind as an association?]

  5. A couple weeks ago I picked up a used copy of Defenders of the Faith for a couple bucks. I hadn’t listened to it in at least 15-20 years, but hearing it again confirmed that this is peak Judas Priest:

  6. …don’t know about peak Judas Priest but I’m pretty sure there’s a fair bit of peaking going on there…do not envy the sound engineers that used to have to find a way to have everything from the bassline to the bursts of falsetto vocals make it into the mix

    …but since I feel like I never bring enough guitar for you & I can almost taste the irony in this with brexit getting “done” tomorrow, here’s a little something (almost) just for you?

  7. I like to consider myself a well rounded renaissance man but I’m a meathead, a jock. The soundtrack running through my head most of the time are schools fight songs. My school changed the nickname and some of the words but the its still the same music.


    Coming from Michigan it is the law that we know this one…

    …but this is the one I wanted to play for. VICTORY FOR MSU!!!

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