Deadsplinter Up! All Night: Spaceship Superstar

I still have Prism in my head from seeing them the other night. It was a great time that I’ll never forget. I never knew Al Harlow was so pleasantly eccentric on stage. Have you ever heard music from an artist or group for years or even decades without ever seeing them only to have your entire perception of them change after seeing them perform? Pretty cool experience…

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  1. There is nothing like live music!
    Glad you had a good time, Myo!
    I go to as many live shows as I am able to afford and/or get to!

    Here’s some smooth sounds from a wonderful English Band,
    Zero 7.

  2. If you’re following the news about WA state all I can say if that I needed a laugh today and went to this old standard…

    Here’s a little number I tossed off recently in the Caribbean…

    I’ll also start to work on an excuse to explain that google search 😉

  3. I was lucky enough to see Zappa plays Zappa w/ many of the Mothers of Invention with Dweezil, including Steve Vai & Terry Bozzio. I was a big Zappa fan but didn’t know how amazing his son could pull off a concert of his music. It was incredible to say the least.

  4. Frankly it’s bizarre that I, a big dummy, have never seen Ben Folds live. I suspect now I’ll have to pay a lot of money to do it, which is fine because “Army” is the kind of big dumb pop song that I think would be fun to see live.

  5. When I think space 2 names come to mind. Bowie and Parliament. Neither of which I was ever lucky enough to see live.

    Mothership Connection

    But last night we talked a bit about Muddy Waters (that was last night, right?) who I was fortunate enough to see more than once. And of course he played Mannish Boy

  6. I was never a big Cure fan until I saw them live in 1989. They played with Love and Rockets and The Pixies at Giants Stadium. Those two bands were great, but weird to see in a stadium. The Cure were stars and made the place feel small.

    In Between Days

    • The Cure was one of my first concerts about the same time. Was dragged along with some friends and had a blast! Saw them a couple of years ago too and they were still great.

  7. …well, in terms of a reappraisal after seeing them live for me it would have to be Cypress Hill…back in the days of cassette tapes & shitty speakers the somewhat nasal aspect of the vocal delivery was just enough of a disincentive to mean I was more interested in the Chilli Peppers & Henry Rollins the year they all played the Reading Festival in the UK

    …by the time one of them was begging the crowd to give back his crowd-surfing companion so he could deliver his verse I was a fully-fledged convert

    …but between you, me & the gatepost the really embarrassing reappraisal didn’t involve suddenly deciding I loved the music…more that I never really learned who all wrote the reggae I listened to growing up (again…tapes…often missing inlay cards…or white label vinyl) so when a friend wanted to go see a show on their birthday it wasn’t until this kicked in that I realized which Max was this Max?

    […which I figure checks the “space” box?]

  8. When Jimmie Vaughan put out his first solo album I read a review of it. The writer closed the review by saying “if you love Stevie Ray Vaughan but never gave Jimmie his due, sell your guitar and become an accountant. You’re hopeless.”

    I had always been a fan but When I first saw him live I was blown away.

  9. Here’s a song that’s not only on-theme, but you can do some Chicago-style smooth-stepping to it if you are so inclined, which I am. Back in the late 90s, I was working at the University of Chicago, and I became friends with a black lady who invited me to a wedding. She taught me how to step, and to this day I like to go to cookouts so I can display my stepping prowess, which for a white guy is not too bad.

  10. ooo are we doing space today 😀

    the prodigy was something a little bit special
    most of me mates preferred the chemical brothers and shit….i spent years telling them how wrong they were
    (eventually i realized its kinda pointless arguing about taste….say…after 15 years or so:p)

  11. My space song:

    And surprisingly enough** there’s a ‘Jovi I *can* fit to the space theme🤗–since the video sort of starts & ends up in space:

    I don’t really have a “changed” experience, simply because I haven’t been to much live music in the last 15 years (time and ability to afford are both factors, because since ’11, I’ve typically held 2 jobs at a time, been in college, or both).

    Both of my “semi-recent” musical encounters just added to my love of those performers–Prince at the Xcel, for the Musicology tour– Morris Day and the Time opened.

    And Bon Jovi–Circle Tour–also at The X, the only night they did the Leonard Cohen Hallelujah.

    So BOTH excellent concerts, which made me appreciate the performers more,buuuuut I already *loved* all the performers involved, and KNEW they worked their asses off to give fans a great show.

    Prince was motherfucking MAGIC on stage, and Jon has an ability to shrink an arena to make it feel like he’s onstage in a tiny little bar.

    Thing is, I already *knew* those things going in, I just didn’t get to experience them until I was an adult.

    I’ve been pretty lucky.

    I’ll be the first to admit it–those particular concerts–ESPECIALLY the Prince one– are STILL some of the best performances by those artists *in* MSP.
    That Prince concert, especially, was the *one* of his 3-night run that many of the fans who saw him on the other nights wished they were at, because that was the only night Morris & The Time opened for him. It was his (and their) home turf, and it was simply love & magic in the arena that night.

    (**to ME anyway, because I TOTALLY thought this theme would finally be the one I absolutely couldn’t find a ‘Jovi for!😉😂🤣)

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