Deadsplinter Up! All Night: Special DUAN Wednesday Steel edition!


As our buddy, @LemmyKilmister has gone MIA, I have taken it upon myself to do a special version of his show. Wherein I bring a new (to me) metal band and force you to listen to them. This one may start out slow but at :28 they will blow your mind!

They are from Japan the home of most of the best metal these days and the reason Lemmy & my old guitar teacher decided to relocate to Japan. Unlike my aforementioned friend, I am not a big fan of cookie monster metal or other black metal but love shredding musicians and guitar centered metal. These three definitely fit that description!

and here is some of their earlier stuff that is a little more thrash metal.

My God, this bass player is insane! The guitarist should put to rest any sexists that think women can’t rock as hard as men. This video is 360 so you can move around to who you want to watch in the song…pretty sweet!

I could go on and on but lets see what you got to chase @LemmyKilmister out of his dark steel bunker and back into the light and arms of his adoring fans. Be nice, if you scare him we might have 7 more weeks of blazing summer heat or something like that? Rock into your weekend folks!



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