Deadsplinter Up! All Night: Stayin’ Alive

Today I went in for my quarterly bloodwork. My results came back and said my cholesterol was low. I take it that means I don’t have enough bacon in my diet. If you happen to have a different theory please don’t tell me. I want to live the bacon dream.

And some more Bee Gees. Their early music is quite good.



  1. Current medical science says that there is no connection between saturated fats (like bacon) that you eat and blood cholesterol.  My doctor tells me that my diet should be 60% calories from fat, 30% (or more) calories from protein and the remaining from carbohydrates. Talk to your doctor.  I’m betting you can eat all the bacon you want.

    • Also, it should be noted that Bacon Fat by the great Andre Williams was also covered by The Band (before they were The Band) and The Sir Douglas Quintet.


  2. well…lots of eggs could probably fix the cholesterol issue…even without bacon..but really who has eggs without bacon *points at missus*

    • high or low almost anything is fine….its when doctors start adding too you have to worry
      turns out humans function best when all our readings are solidly mediocre 
      kinda makes you wonder if all those people egging you on to be the best at everything have your interests at heart eh?
      be mediocre says i!
      after all..only the bright stars get noticed…and its fucking hard to get shit done when people see you

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