DeadSplinter Up! All Night: STFU

Yesterday it was all about the talking.

Today, I want you to Shut Up.

(Not literally, please.)

Thanks for your continued support of DUAN and Deadsplinter!



  1. OK, I get another shot since @Hannibal did me like that.
    The Mystics, out of Brooklyn USA, were Al Contrera, Albee Cracolici, Phil Cracolici, Bob Ferrante, and George Galfo.  They recorded for the great Laurie label, including their smash hit, Hushabye, written by Doc Pomus.

  2. 🎵You see this cat Shaft is a bad mother- (Shut your mouth)
    I’m talkin’ about Shaft🎵 
    Isaac Hayes, “Theme From Shaft” 

    🎵Shhhh. Shhhh.🎵  
    Björk, “It’s Oh So Quiet” 

  3. I thought I was the only person left on earth who still likes that Walk the Moon song, after what feels like four years of hearing it non-stop wherever ambient music is played. 

    This might be the best music video ever created:

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