Deadsplinter Up! All Night: Street Music

My friends always ask me, “Where the hell did you find this?”, when I play them obscure music.  My answers are all over the place but sometimes it is following the family tree of bands I like.  Case in point, The Born Again Floozies.  One of my favorite ska bands was Johnny Socko and when they stopped putting out music, I was very sad.  Luckily, the guitarist Joseph Welch and the Tromboner (I prefer that term), Charlie Krone, started another fun band called The Born Again Floozies.  They are definitely not ska but more like something you might hear on a street corner.  I love this description of them from Apple Music:  “Built around one electric guitar, a tuba, the occasional odd percussion and slide trombone, and a couple of tap dancers, Indiana-based experimental rock quintet Born Again Floozies are as eclectic as their name and instrumentation would suggest.”

For this performance they included a DJ but didn’t have the tuba player.  You can really get a feel for Joseph’s unique guitar style though.

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    • A little off point, but I have 3 Alaskan coworkers. One is so far away from civilization that they have to truck in water and still have an outhouse. She is able to work for us via a line of sight internet link on top of a windmill on a nearby hill. Now and then the windmill people will rotate it, and she has to tromp up the hill with her laptop to figure out how to position her work space for optimum connectivity. With only about 730,000 people in the entire state, that sense of being your brother’s keeper is real. 

      • I have some family up there that work on “the slope” oil rigs.  Crazy beautiful place but you need to be ready for anything every day.  I have so many crazy Alaska adventure stories.  My wife deals with a bunch of patients that fly in from Alaska just to get good healthcare.

  1. Sprots!
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