Deadsplinter Up! All Night: Stylin’

House of DUAN

Everybody knows the DUAN community is among the best-dressed (and best-looking) of all internet sub-cultures. Yes, this is what people are saying. We’d probably all be Tik-Tok influencers or Instagram stars except that’s clearly beneath us and would probably require us to get up out of this chair and I’m pretty comfy at the moment, so no.

At this time of the year, we’re displaying our sartorial splendor at parties and dinners and fancy-dress balls (virtual and otherwise) so I’m asking you all to share with the group what kind of glad rags and hand bags you’ll be sporting when Santa’s balls drop or whatever’s supposed to happen during Saturnalia. Will you wear that sweater your aunt knitted for you? Will you pull out the elf suit/sombrero combo again? Is this the year you finally go untucked?

Hell, I don’t care because you look good to me rolling out of bed with mascara smeared over your face and your wig askew. But my mailbag is full of letters from DUAN fans wanting to know what you’re planning to wear to the party this year. Surely you’re not going to go looking like that, right?

Anyway, thanks for being you and for sharing all the musics and being part of this DUAN community. It’s an exclusive club and you’re in it unlike high school when your only extracurricular was concert band because someone told you it would look good on your college application but you got thrown out for smoking pot and getting caught and they wouldn’t let you use effects pedals on your guitar anyway, so fuck them.



  1. I’m not really the type that dresses up much.  I mean I wore shorts, an aloha shirt and slippers to my own wedding.  I have been in a tux only 3 times in my life, for 2 weddings and my prom.  So you probably are not going to see me in my Sunday Dress…


    I guess I am kind of a hypocrite though since I want my wife to Dress Sexy at My Funeral



    • I respect a guy that says he wore “shorts, an aloha shirt and slippers” to his wedding and then in the same breath says , “I don’t dress up much”.  Bredren, it takes some mighty style to pull off that look at a wedding.

      • The last wedding we attended was a very groovy beachside ceremony held at the bride’s palatial family home in California right on the Pacific. The bride wore a dress that she had concocted herself and she was no Edith Head, bless her heart. The groom, a very well-traveled gent, wore a Thai (he isn’t Thai) sort of smock-like shirt which probably has a name, it was kind of like a guayabera, and what looked to me like clamdiggers. Since it was on the beach (the bride’s parents’ backyard) there was no footwear.

        I tried to explain to Better Half how casual this was going to be, and told him I was going to wear a linen shirt and norm-core chinos. He met me halfway and wore a very expensive designer shirt and this pair of Dolce & Gabbana pants that showed his lower half off to its best advantage.

        I’ve been to 100 weddings, easily, this is no joke, and that wedding was one of the most fun.

  2. what party? we are locked down….again

    anyways…probably a good thing for me….i cant dress myself….i can do metal pretty good…torn shirt…combat boots…trench coat…but you know…looking halfway decent…yeah…..nah….not my field


  3. This summer,

    Young Rival – T-Shirt and Shorts


    But it’s cold, so right now I’m wearing an old, soft, shirt and joggers.

    Rex Orange County – Corduroy Dreams



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