DeadSplinter Up! All Night: Summer is Coming

June is hot and full of terrors.

With the onslaught of cicadas, crazy weather and the end of mask mandates – this summer is shaping up to be a wild ride. How about a little calm before the storm?

And, I’m adding this for no other reason than this bird has better pitch than Robert Plant.

Tico and the Man – Stairway

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  1. i think ill actually go with something dancy

    yeah! i feel dancy
    (well…actually…i feel like death..but i figures if i pretend hard enough ill make it real…definitely paying for my choices today)

  2. B-52s – Summer of Love

    • I love the B-52’s. That’s all I have to say on the matter. 

    • That’s pretty much how a bunch of horny singles are going to act.

      Followed by annoying touristas everywhere.

  3. Orville Peck – Summertime



    Pokey LaFarge – City Summer Blues


    • i love pokey lafarge
      dude flew under my radar for waaaaay to long
      i figures its coz we dont have a country radio station over here….much less several 

      • Same with me, we have country stations but I never listen to them. But luckily both Pokey LaFarge and Orville Peck were getting played on the local college radio station. 

        • Thank you for introducing me to Pokey LaFarge. I didn’t know I needed this until just now.

          • @Lymond It’s so upbeat and fun, good summer listening.😁

        • Just gifted me mum pockets self titled album
          Just realized I never played her his stuff and I figured shed dig it 
          I love the interwebs for enabling my impulsiveness
          Anyhoos…it should arrive tomorrow 🙂 

          • Pokey…. not pocket…
            Fuck I hate using my phone 
            Stupid smart shit thinking it knows what I’m trying to say…

  4. Summer bonus track:  Steel players (like me) have been trying to sound like Santo Farina for a long time.  None have quite made it yet.

  5. Skinshape, Summer

    Zombies, Summertime 


  6. The Undertones – Here Comes the Summer

    • Oh, yes! I’m happy to see this, whilst also disappointed I didn’t think of it!

  7. 🎵Hot town, summer in the city
    Back of my neck gettin’ dirt and gritty🎵
    The Lovin’ Spoonful, “Summer In The City” 

    Two-fer Tuesday: 
    Belle and Sebastian, “A Summer Wasting” 


  8. Mother Truckers – Summer of Love

    and my Twofer…Fast Food Orchestra – Mighty Summer


  9. Two versions of Summer Breeze.  The original by Seals and Crofts:

    The cover, which oddly works, by Type O Negative:


    • My favorite cover of it:

      (Start at 3:07 if the timed link doesn’t work)

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