Deadsplinter Up! All Night: Summer’s End

It's not here yet, but it's in sight

Next Monday the new semester starts at our local institution of higher learning. Town is full of undergraduates moving in with their parents trailing behind them wearing t-shirts with the school’s logo and looking a little shell-shocked, wondering what they’re going to say to their spouses now that their teen is off at college. It seems awful early, but it seems like the end of summer is starting to peek over the horizon. After the storms last weekend, there’s been a quality to the air here on the farm that’s just a little different, a little cooler. Everything is still green, but it’s a different green, you know? It gets dark earlier, the Rural King has a “Back to School” sale going on, and goddamn if there isn’t already pre-season NFL football being played. If you take a Summer vacation, you’ve probably already taken it. Last week, we had all the big round hay bales delivered and the big barn is full floor to ceiling with square bales. The sheep we sheared in March now all have nice wool coats. Something leaving, something’s coming. Not today, or tomorrow, but before you know it.

Which is a long-ass way of saying I’m not really clear on any sort of theme for tonight’s DUAN, so play whatever you like, which is what you should always do anyway because that’s a great way for me to find new stuff to listen to. Yes, I’m selfish. And thanks for being here.



  1. not sure its summers end here…had a little rain earlier and temps dropped to the high 60s! which felt almost cold after all the fucking 90s….forecast is no rain and high 70s to mid 80s for the next forever tho

    me finks the weather broke

  2. Today was the first day of school in Boise. Currently it is 100 degrees. I love this song, which combines allusions to education and a dry heat.

    The B-52s – Mesopotamia

    If there is a better sprechgesang passage than Fred Schneider saying, “I am no student of ancient culture…”, lay it on me.


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