DeadSplinter Up! All Night: Sunny Summer Anthems

Do you have any go-to summer anthems? My very favorite, right now, is Summer Love by Muzz, from 2020. Rain in the Summertime by the Alarm, from 1987, comes to mind. So does this 1994 classic, Staying Out for the Summer by Dodgy, recently posted by @SplinterRIP. Even Calvin Harris with Summer from 2014 is super-duper summery. Give me all your summertime feel good music, from any decade, dearest DeadSplinterites:

As always, thank you for your support of DeadSplinter and DUAN, and for your most excellent musical taste!

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  1. I’ll always consider this a summer anthem, even if that summer consists of walking from the 8th Ave subway to 11th Ave during the dog days of NYC summer–and then trying desperately to assess the sweat situation in the lavatories before starting the work day.
    Tanlines, “All of Me” 

    Also from the same time (great backyard BBQ soundtrack): 
    Guards – Don’t Wake the Dead 

    And random for this summer: 
    VHS Collection, “Waiting on the Summer (Dave Edwards Remix)” 

  2. Summer is my third favorite season

    A good summer anthem should have a lyric that goes “doo-bee doo-bee”

    The problem with summer is that as soon as summer begins, I start thinking about summer’s end


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