Deadsplinter Up! All Night: Sweet Mystery of Life

What do I know?

Hey, don't look at me.

I’m not a bright man. I’m not saying my head is empty, but what it’s full of is of absolutely no practical use to anyone. I mean, I could tell you the label that some obscure doo-wop group recorded on years before I was born, and call out all the names of character actors in bad 80s cop shows, but I walk out of the house with my fly open about 40% of the time. It’s a wonder I made to as old as I am. There’s supposed to be wisdom with age, but I am living proof that’s not necessarily the case.

The current state of the world is such a source of befuddlement to me that I’ve completely given up trying to form any cogent world view or make sense of it in any way. I don’t know, maybe it’s for the best. If I knew more, maybe I’d just be more upset about things, like most of the smart people I know.

Thank goodness I have music, and the fine people of DUAN who are always there to show a little empathy (even when it’s just a pat on the head and a “bless your heart”). And maybe – just maybe – tonight I will find that a few of you have also found yourselves confused, muddled, perplexed, flummoxed, discombobulated, non-plussed, at sea, and more words that I would totally look up in a thesaurus if I could remember how to spell “thesaurus”.

Oh, and I almost forgot, but thankfully I have it written on my hand: THANK YOU ALL FOR SUPPORTING DEADSPLINTER AND DUAN. Also, have any of you seen my keys?



  1. Zeppelin – Dazed and Confused


    (It starts at 2:00, but do yourselves a favor and watch the whole clip.)

  2. Maybe I can help you, Mutabaruka – The Mystery Unfolds

    and if that doesn’t help, Black Uhuru is the answer – What is Life


  3. I often wonder, where is my mind?


  4. But sometimes it is just a brain stew. Also, lists are my superpower. Otherwise I would remember very little. 


  5. I’m not a big Pink Floyd fan but this song always spoke to me

    Comfortably Numb




    I just posted this a week or so ago but it’s a good tune

    Bongwater – Mystery Hole



  6. Or am I losing my mind? Skip ahead to 10:20 for the song, but the whole interview is…just magic, as Liza herself would say.

    • As though to prove the point, my formatting failed. 
      Don’t know much about history, Don’t know much biology.  
      Sam Cooke, “What a Wonderful World” 

  7. Iris DeMent and her gorgeous song Let The Mystery Be

  8. Even if you’re not an animated movie person, this one is worth it for the reindeer back up singers.

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