Deadsplinter Up! All Night: T Time

2 X Tuesday

Thanks for coming around.



  1. i dont like the song all that much…but you know i had to right?

    okay okay….i didnt know this before hand

    but turns out i like the tea party

  2. and my twofer Tuesday T special

  3. Toots and the Maytals – Sweet and Dandy


  4. turnpike?

    it doesnt count as more as two if you identify as gully dwarf right?

    i mean… it was definitely not more than two by my count

    *holds up four fingers*

  5. My twofer

    Tacocat – New World


    • Tacocat is a great Seattle band with great ideas!!!

      • They’re so fun. 🙂

  6. Tuesday T Twofer:

    Til Tuesday:

    Take That (singing a vintage “gay anthem,” no less):


  7. wierd place to put it…..but where is offensive nowadays

    where does your right to be offended cross over into my right to not really give a fuck?

    short of punching you…. coz you know….thats a hard line

    its been getting fairly complicated lately

    im capable of understanding the physical line…. but the rest is very hand wavey fucking magic to me

    i do not think im going to age gracefefully in this world

    and i am not sure its my fault


  8. Too late for the disco


  9. Three Ts


  10. Talk Talk – Talk Talk

    Talk Talk – Today

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