Deadsplinter Up! All Night: Take Me Away

Just a dream and the wind to carry me
And soon I will be free



  1. *checks for megs*

    oh yeah…farscy is pop today!

  2. i just found this ha haa

    oh that is nice ha haaaaaa!

  3. The Animals – We Gotta Get Out Of This Place


  4. So, one of the first girls I liked was a Styx fan and I hated them.  They played at the auditorium at Lane Tech High School in Chicago, so I forked over the dough to go see them and wore my CREEM t-shirt as a form of protest.  She was from a Lutheran family, so all I could get was a little hand-holding, but I figured the Styx tickets would at least get me to second base.  I was wrong, and the Styx concert was as foolish as you would imagine, but I still hold a warm place in my heart for this song because of the ridiculous way he says “…lads” after one of the choruses.


    • I’m sorry I include so many personal anecdotes when I post music, but I take music very personally, and I remember my long stupid life by the music that was around me.

      • I like hearing your personal anecdotes.


  6. How about Christopher Cross’s other lyrical poem about getting away…



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