Deadsplinter Up! All Night: Take Me Away

One of Seattle’s current biggest rock stars is Ayron Jones.  If you get to shoot your video on top of the Space Needle, that is a good sign you RULE Seattle.

His sound is so familiar yet still so fresh…

His powerful voice, insightful lyrics and shredding guitar is just what is called for on a Thursday to get me over that finish line to the weekend (this song is long but the two different guitar solos are totally worth it & may remind you of some other Seattle guitar legend)…

Have a great night & thanks for your support.



  1. This is good stuff @Loveshaq, old school burners.

    Ocha la Rocha Taking a Ride,


  2. Ray Price got me through this very tiring week.  Tomorrow’s Friday, so I’ll probably go with dark synthpop to get me over the final hump.

    I love Ray Price’s voice, but he was also quite a snappy dresser and I try to take my fashion cues from him.

    • Very nice. I always forget how accessorizing with a well-chosen scarf can really make an outfit.

      For example, I often go for the “Tammy Wynette” but maybe for Fall I’ll change things up and adopt the Johnny Cash:

      • Tammy’s a dream girl.  This one came up in my playlist today while I was literally digging a ditch.

  3. Sparks – My Baby’s Taking Me Home


  4. welp…now ill have to go through all his stuff… never heard of him before now…looks like ive got my rabbithole for tonight
    thanks mate 🙂
    have some icelandic funkishness

    • adding bonus twofer…. mostly coz ive been hunting locals again…and partially coz i have poor impulse control

    • Every year KEXP our local (and the most amazing channel on the planet…I will fight anyone over this!) broadcasts live from Iceland for this music festival.  They also bring a bunch of the bands to Seattle to broadcast in connection with the festival.  One day, I will make it to this…we were going to Iceland a week after all the shit went down for the pandemic but had to cancel and it is still on the radar.

      • I really like the KEXP studio live shows.

        • I’ve learned of soooooo many new bands from KEXP and especially John in the Morning who I have been listening to since I first moved here and they were called KCMU not KEXP (they changed the name because Paul Allen gave a shit-ton of money to them).  I’ve even emailed him to ask him about a specific and and he put me in touch with a member to buy a CD from them.  They are the best and John is the best!

          • That should have read “specific band”

  5. Squeeze – Take Me I’m Yours


  6. The Bolshoi – Away

  7. The Staple Singers, “I’ll Take You There” 

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