DeadSplinter Up! All Night: Telephone

Hanging On The Telephone by Blondie.

I’m in the phone booth, it’s the one across the hall * If you don’t answer, I’ll just ring it off the wall * I know he’s there, but I just had to call * Don’t leave me hanging on the telephone.

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    • Nice trifecta! 



    • Nice, Loveshaq!

    • Oh, yes. The Aughts called and they want you to give these bands a much-deserved revival.

  2. The Fall – Telephone Thing


    • A classic.

    • And a triple whammy, good stuff Manchu.

    • Eddie & The Hot Rods – Telephone Girl

      • Very dirty but Ellie said it was ok to post.


        • We’re all adults here…

    • Thanks, Lemmy.

    • Farscythe, you win the prize for total on-point song!

  3. So, when I read the theme of the DUAN, I think of the first song that pops in my head and hope hope hope no one else posted it yet. This was honest to god, the first song that jumped. 

    • Yellowbird, it has been years, maybe decades, since I heard this!


  4. The Vaughan Brothers – Telephone Song

    If you listen closely, you can hear SRV throw in a few Jeff Beck riffs in the final solo.

    • Ohhh, very nice, Butcher.

  5. This one hits close, especially with my wife halfway around the world and the telephone our only contact for the past two months.  

    • Luigi, I wish for you a reunion as soon as possible. Hang in there…

      • She’s coming back two days after Christmas.  My only worry now is that the coronavirus gets so bad again that they stop travel from Europe.  There are no direct flights from her country, so she’s got to make at least one stop in a European capital (Munich or London probably).

  6. I’m not done yet

  7. Oooh Luigi is on fire tonight!

    • ELO, another good one.

    • One of my favourite ELO tracks:

  8. “Telephone Operator” — Pete Shelley

  9. Jim Croce — “Operator”

    • Thanks for the twofer Cousin M!

  10. Twofer…




    • Nice, Ms.Meg!

  11. Rikki Don’t Lose That Number (I think the history of the song is that she did, in fact, throw out his number).


    • What a classic album, Blue Dogcollar.

  12. When I was a young lad, I admit I called this number asking for Jenny…  I got an angry “FUCK OFF YOU FUCKING ASSSHOLE!” before he slammed the receiver down.

    • That was that a popular thing to do!

    • One of the stories is that the number also belonged to a county sheriff whose daughter happened to be named Jenny. 

  13. Anyone remember this song?


    • Loveshaq I remember it!

  14. Classic Norwegian:

    My favourite Micachu ever: 

    • Meh-zuzha, I am a big Micachu fan.

      • Yeah! I saw your posting on the holiday/vacation DUAN and knew I was in good company! +++

  15. …I’m late…but I’m at least pretty sure nobody took this number?

    • Always better late than never, @SplinterRIP (also, great song).


  16. On one of these most-fine musical selections listed herein, I saw a quick reference to the ‘Foo Fighters’, and just had to link to this talented little girl ( with the most expressive facial ‘notes’ ever! Also, she is really kick-ass on those drums…don’t believe me…just ask Dave Grohl (whom she bested in a recent ‘drum-off’). Sound up and keep your eyes on her…if you can even look away from her no-shoes self.

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