Deadsplinter Up! All Night: Thankful!


Happy Thanksgiving all!  It’s kind of a tough night to have a DUAN so I will do my best (nobody is probably reading this anyway!)  I’m posting early since dinner is earlier today for most, hopefully it doesn’t get me on Myo’s naughty list.  Here’s a few songs/bands I am thankful for this year…

Ming City Rockers (this album has become one of my favorite albums I have found recently)

I’m thankful for good old fashion rock and roll and those timeless rockers still bringing it!

and whenever I get down I am thankful for this song/band and China Forbes…  

and I am always thankful for my ohana, heritage & the soundtrack of my life…

Enjoy your night & if you have time post the songs that make you thankful or whatever floats your gravy boat.



  1. oh nobody again

    story of my fucking life

    anyways…i know the concept is hard to grasp for yous americans….but theres a bigger world out there

    one that doesnt have thanksgiving…..tis where i live… farscy guevarra….of the turkey liberation front

    we have decided to follow our brave bovine brethren and rebel

  2. Here I go like a broken record, but this album is so beautiful and textured. I love that they developed a fuller orchestral sound for their sophomore outing. It feels like OMD is back again.

    Nation of Language, “Whatever You Want” 

    And this is great [current] throwback homage to ‘90s indie pop. I can pretend I’m a youth again.
    THE GOA EXPRESS, “Second Time” 

  3. Dekker is the best new-to-me artist in 2021. His music speaks to me, and I get a kick out of his myriad “Dekker Dances” video clips. He always wears “the hat”; I assume that rather than being a gimmick it allows him the opportunity for a normal life.


  4. I’m grateful for the DUAN, this crazy, sideshow community, and all the fantastic music you’ve turned me onto over the last couple of years. Now I’m gonna take a nap.
    Natalie Merchant – Kind And Generous

  5. just close yer eyes and think of england!

    (dont…..its fucking rainy grey and miserable and the people are fucking dim)

    think of france

    its much the fucking same….but its fun watching them trying to one up eachother

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