Deadsplinter Up! All Night: That little ol’ band from Texas

ZZ Top is one of those bands that has grown on me over the years. I had no idea that they had been together for fifty years until I watched their Netflix documentary recently. If you haven’t seen it yet, I would highly recommend it.

My favorite ZZ Top tune!


  1. heres a little band from the netherlands that never made it big

    there was potential there
    alternativelily all the lillys….heres a local band that never got big coz they stuck to singing in dutch


  2. One of my favorite beer drinking songs…Texas Tornados – Una Mas Cerveza

    and my other favorite Texas band’s drinking song (well, one of them, he has lots!)

    It’s happy hour people & we need a drink for surviving this week!

  3. ZZ Top is great. But I have a funny, sort of creepy story about the song Legs. My mother was working a part time job at Walden Books at the mall. I met a guy who worked at a nearby clothing store. He bought me a pair of black high heels and a few pair of those lacy ankle socks, took them to my mother and asked her to give them to me. He told her if I died suddenly to make sure I was buried in them. I thought it was hilarious, but my mother was convinced he was a serial killer and upset that I not only kept them but wore them. Obviously he never murdered me.

  4. also…….i have to leave this dude

    (im a drummer…not a good one admittedly….but i know its fucking hard to keep time whilst fucking about that much)

  5. It’s hard to have a discussion about Texas music without including SRV!
    At around 2:45 Stevie breaks a guitar string, and with a little help, he seamlessly continues on like the total boss that he was. .

  6. …well, it’s not really so much coming from Texas as it is about heading to Texas…at least sometimes?

    …but then again some people cheat by just being Texas?

  7. At the Drive In makes me think of one of my favorite Texan writers – Joe R. Lansdale. Anyone who hasn’t read his Drive In series needs to pick it up ASAP, it’s weird, gory, and a fun read.

    • You may also like the Johannes Cabal necromancer series. And some of the stuff from Falstaff Books publishing. Also Ben Aaronovitch Rivers of London series. He writes books and has associated graphic novels. He is so dry and witty. His descriptions of things are the best, he can make a background description such as that of a 1970s era road and overpass design a lol experience.

  8. Here’s some news that really makes me laugh.

    Mulvaney’s out, he’s being shipped off to Ireland. Never got to be the real chief of staff, despite all that shit-eating. Mark Meadows is it now.

  9. That IS some EXCELLENT (and impressive!) showboating!!!😄😆🤣

    One thing for the non-drummers in the group to notice, if you pause at 1:36, you can clearly see that he’s choked up to midway on the drumstick in his left hand–meaning he can now hit the drums & cymbals from *both* directions as his arm swings–similar to how one plays the bodhran:

    This lets you hit notes on both the upswing & downswing, which *can* make it easier to stay on time.

    Also, he might be someone who just tends to “feel” the beat.

    If you listen to his bass-drum, it’s as steady as a heartbeat & doesn’t waver a millisecond over the course of the song in it’s consistency.

    Being able to *feel* a beat, plus tons of practice with goofing off will allow some excellent showboating, once you learn exactly where you need your kit set up in space, and that you can hit with both ends of your sticks.

    Disclaimer: haven’t drummed in yeeeeeaaaaars.
    But i grew up with some solid showboats around me & learned some of their “magic tricks”😉 and i was someone who couldn’t read the music easily,*** but who COULD feel the rhythms of the beat at a place inside where I don’t even really count anymore (it becomes a heartbeat/breathing thing).

    And if you have the ability to “feel” your rhythm, can memorize your body’s position in space (like athletes do), and can memorize your music, that memorization will free you up to add the fancy flourishes😉😁🤗

    (**I literally need to sit down & do math to figure out what the timing of the notes there, if I can’t hear it played first–and god forbid it was bell/xylophone parts, ‘cuz then you have the up & down parts to calculate, too–in addition to the length of the notes!🤣🤣🤣)

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