Deadsplinter Up! All Night: That Will Cost You

A trip back in time. Early spring 2019. Out with Elliecoo at an event for a non-profit we are involved with. Hanging out with people from the event, drinking beer and having a good time. A little later we run into friends in the enjoining bar. As “olds” are wont to do we start talking about health. I proceed to talk about my weight and all the cholesterol Elliecoo feeds me. She tries to give me an out but i decide to double down. Needless to say the conversation afterward was not a good one. The next thing I know she tells me about two puppies that need a home from our local rescue. They need to be adopted together because they are brothers and bonded. This would help her hurt feelings. I will give Ellie credit, She saw her opening and took it. That is how we got Bruce and Bill. They are 15 months old and holy terrors. The moral of the story is “Know when to shut the fuck up”.



  1. Post commentary:
    Keitel loves those little dogs.
    The man did not just double-down, he quintupled-down.
    Unless the recipe calls for arsenic, it is inappropriate to say in a VERY LOUD voice while at a public event “she’s killing me with her cooking”.
    We laugh about this now, but I was mortified.
    The frequency of desserts in the Blacksmith household has increased to provide Food You Can Eat posts. For next week, bag salad it is.
    Actions have consequences, woof woof woof.

    Hobo Johnson – I Want a Dog (play to the chorus, please)

    Elvis Presley – Hound Dog

  2. Some people think I’m damaged ’cause I’m always on my own
    But just because the lights are out don’t mean you’re not at home
    And they say when you’re psychotic that you never walk alone
    I’m just a three-legged dog on the roam

  3. Hmmm, you’re giving me ideas here. Fanny could use a sibling. They are very cute little pups, I’m glad they found a good, if cholesterol heavy home * ducks* with you.
    I try not to post John Prine too often but the title tonight was a perfect set up.

    A Good Time

      • I was just kidding of course.
        I don’t do low cal food anymore. I have a lot of food issues, I mostly drink protein shakes but I’m trying to eat more real foods and not obsess. I do have a super easy and delicious bean recipe I should put up on Food You Can Eat. I’m leaving for vacation this weekend but when I get back I will!

  4. Bless you Keitel and Ellie. Sometimes my rescues (dogs and cats) dream and yelp when they sleep, as pets will do, and I often wonder if they’re having a bad dream about their awful prior lives. I hope not!

    Here’s a Cat singing about the dog he loves.

  5. k so i can change the wording in my upcoming food post to she rather than they in regards to elliecoo and i understand a pm a lot more now than i did an hour ago…so this might be relevant mr. keitel, “Lentil soup is mental fruit”

    Dead Prez Be Healthy

  6. Motörhead – Shut Your Mouth (Live):


    You been around the world
    You think the world is yours
    All right, you been up all night
    So why can’t you get it right?
    No chance (say what?)
    No dance for you (no shit)
    No teenage romance (chill out)
    Out of the mix, out of the mix

    Ain’t no way out, your momma was right
    Shut your mouth, shut your mouth
    You weren’t home last night,
    You don’t come home no more
    Gotta be fair, your don’t say where
    You don’t know, nobody cares
    No chance (say what?)
    No dance for you (no shit)
    No teenage romance (chill out)
    Better be quick, better be quick

    Ain’t no way out, your momma was right
    Shut your mouth, shut your mouth


    Can you tell me the truth?
    Can it get much worse?
    Don’t tell me no lies, ‘cos I can read your eyes.
    You’re everything that we despise,
    No chance (say what?)
    No dance for you (no shit)
    No teenage romance (chill out)
    None of your tricks, none of your tricks

    Ain’t no way out, your momma was right
    Shut your mouth, shut your mouth

  7. So, I DID have to Google this one, because the only “dog” line I can remember in a ‘Jovi song is in Sante Fe, one of the songs I posted last night😉

    But, YES, there *is* apparently a ‘Jovi, even for ^^^THIS theme!😁😆🤣

    Link about it:

    Bon Jovi Unveil New Single ‘Unbroken’ Benefiting Patriotic Service Dog Foundation

    And the song, too;

    Also, because *this* is my other favorite Dog song:

    And just because sometimes ya need a good cry–and you can DEPEND on a Red Sovine song for that *any* time😉🥴😭;

  8. Our dog is absolutely the sweetest, ever. She’s the exact opposite of our previous dog, who was really a cat trapped in a dog’s body. We’d spent so many years with our anti social dog, that we’d completely forgotten what having a sweet puppy was actually like. We’ve had her for two years now and it still hasn’t gotten old:)

    Which One’s Pink? – Dogs

  9. i think this one was fits

    but then the missus is a saint for putting up with my shit for so long…. tho ill be trying to dig my way out of the doghouse for a while yet
    (aka why farscythe is trying to lay off the booze….i hate getting in trouble for shit i dont remember….. if i get meself in the shit i want it to be on purpose damnit)

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