Deadsplinter Up! All Night: That’s A Long Way Down

I fixed the hole in the roof that some free loading squirrels left behind. While I was up there I realized again that I fucking hate heights. I go through my game plan on where to jump if the ladder starts to go. Holly tree, concrete patio, or the yard if I can clear the fence. All the options suck. On the plus size the kid was over today so I had a spotter. So in song (if possible) what do you fucking hate.

Thanks for coming around.



  1. Like you I don’t like heights, but I think I hate the sensation of falling even more.

    Which is odd because I wanted to be a pilot.

    No one likes getting their heart broken.

    My least favorite food.

  2. Having recently taken a bruising tumble down the stairs I don’t recommend falling. (Cruise passed away earlier this month.)

    Julee Cruise – Falling


    I wouldn’t say I hate them but I’m not a big fan of sneks.

    The Murlocs – Snake In The Grass


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