Deadsplinter Up! All Night: The 80’s

Tonight we are taking my friend out for her birthday to see our favorite 80’s cover band play.

She’s had the shittiest of weeks, like next level hell. Like walked in on her husband with another woman and then a week later her dad passed away.

I was surprised she still wanted to go, but she does so now we are doing it up right!! I ordered a limo and then in an extra fit of bougie-ness, I hired a Task Rabbit to scope out a good table for us and park in it til we get there.

Send me all your mild-mannered curses for the soon to be ex-husband so I can make her laugh later.

Thanks for coming ’round.



  1. Damn, she must feel like God’s favorite chew toy. I’m sorry about her dad but in time she’s gonna be happy to be rid of the cheating asshole husband. I hope he loses his job but not before she takes half of everything he has.


    Soft Cell – Tainted Love



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