Deadsplinter Up! All Night: The Aughts pt. 1

The Aughts were the decade that I started getting back into new music. Some quick Keitel music background. I started collecting records as a teen in the 80’s. The usual fare, The Smiths, Dead Kennedys, The Alarm, and whatever 70’s stuff I could afford. The early 90’s hit and my attention turned elsewhere. I moved out of my mother’s house, was finally of legal drinking age, and most importantly being smitten with Ellie. The late 90’s was when the collecting came back in full force. My main focus was late 70’s/early 80’s punk and hardcore. There were some great record stores and regional record shows that were a goldmine. After a while the selection started to thin out. It would be years before I bought my first record on Ebay.

As luck would have it a new record store/skate shop opened up at a strip mall not far from where I live. I popped in one day to check it out. I got chatting with the guy behind the counter and told him the stuff I was into. His recommendations were spot on and kept me from being a “back in the day the music was better” kind of guy. On that note, here is some of my Aught memories from him.

The International Noise Conspiracy- The Reproduction Of Death

The Observers – Symbols, Slogans, Lies

Alkaline Trio – My Friend Peter

Sidenote: I was able to take my then teenaged son to see these guys at a local club. It was a great show. I was still young enough that I could jump around and shout out the lyrics and not be considered creepy.

Death From Above 1979 – Blood On Our Hands

I’m probably gonna run with this theme for a couple of weeks. So pace yourself.

Thanks for coming around.



  1. I was listening to a lot of old music and has-beens back in the early 2000’s.  I was not particularly pleased with the state popular music then, but there were a few things I could stand.


    • I could add Radiohead and maybe some Interpol to this list, but I was deep into the rabbit holes of musical history in the 2000’s.  Also, I used to sing along to “Freak Like Me” by Sugababes when it came on the radio.  I was still working for a paycheck at the time, so my commute was my private listening and singing time.  Oh, also Gorillaz.

    • Yes, PGMG! And all hail PJ, to my knowledge the only artist to twice win the Mercury Music Prize: the first time for this album.

      PJ Harvey, “You Said Something” 

  2. I love The (International) Noise Conspiracy — T(I)NC for short. I even got to catch them live a couple of times and they’re just as energetic–and socialist dogmatic–as you might expect. They took quite a bit of pride in being labeled the #1 threat as a band by…some authoritarian government talking head.

    The (International) Noise Conspiracy, “Capitalism Stole My Virginity” 



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