Deadsplinter Up! All Night: The Band (Update)

Update: You can now copy/paste URLs to show videos, embed tweets and docs, etc.

Ah yes, the band is back! And we want you to join us! Seeing as I’m waiting for a response from someone who seems to be very enthusiastic about DUAN and who apparently has a group of loyal friends as well, I’m going to drop this load on you until that team takes over DUAN for us. I have a lot of work left to do here at Deadsplinter and improving the comments section is on the list…and I barely know what I’m doing so fingers crossed soon you’ll all be able to embed videos rather than link them. Welcome back everyone! And thank you for your future support of Deadsplinter!

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    • All right!

  1. Alright you all. How embarrassing were your Spotify roundups? Don’t be shy. I’ll take one for the band and go first:
    #1 artist for the second year in a row was Steve Earle. I am Ok with this.
    #2 was Taylor Swift (hangs head in shame). I’ll spare you the rest. It’s bad.
    I’ve got two Jason Isbell songs in my top 5, along with the oh so basic “Juice”. Some Reckless Kelly and Hayes Carll rounding out the top five. (
    I listened to 76,342 minutes of music, which is 1,272 hours, which is 53 straight days.
    Am I doing this right? Is this thing on?

    • My wife did hers. She listened to 98,395 minutes or 68 days. One of her faves is (Sandy) Alex G for a total of 8 full days.

      • Wow, that’s impressive!

        • She works from home. Unfortunately she can always out snob me with new music.

    • Welcome Meg! I don’t use Spotify but would be interesting to know how many minutes/hours of music I listen to.

      • The round up is fun, but Spotify keeps trying to make you share it on your social media. I’m like nah, I’m good thanks!

      • I don’t use Spotify either, but I think I would definitely be up there in listening hours. Pink and Rhianna would be at the top, I think.

    • Steve Earl is amazing! And when Taylor Swift’s You Need to Calm Down came out I hated myself for how much I liked it.

    • I don’t have Spotify but heard dozens of people talk about this. Based on how I understand this working Queen might have been my top artist of the year. I wore out some DAT (do the kids still say that?) with the rewinding and replaying them after seeing the movie this year.

      I’m burnin’ through the sky, yeah
      Two hundred degrees
      That’s why they call me Mister Fahrenheit

  2. Hey myopic, are we really “Sticking To Sprots”. You might want to have someone fix that typo at the top of the page.

    I vote for Keitel for sure to be the DUAN master, he is overqualified & knows everything about music. Just glad to see it live again. I was going to post something sappy like the Welcome Back Kotter theme but I’m a little too wound up for that & need music from the pit instead! Voodoo Glow Skulls – We’re Back!

      • Looks like the rude boys are back in town.

      • Foreigner is my favorite music guilty pleasure. They still rock.

        • I have every album on vinyl up to Mr. Moonlight and I feel no guilt whatsoever.

    • I changed that to sprots on purpose…kind of an inside joke with the community. duan will be all yours (your group) in no time. I have to say that I’m quite impressed…I always wondered why I saw the same group of people on DUAN every evening, but never saw them anywhere else…it is all coming to me now. Keitel and I are talking behind the scenes and I think we’ll soon be ready for them (and your crew) to take over DUAN. Pleasure to have you!

      • …word of warning to those Up All Night…
        …the UK seems to be hellbent on driving themselves off the white cliffs of Dover for the full tory-tastic face-plant based on the exit poll data for their general election so if I’m on deck for the DOT it may be less good news-y than the last one…because…

        • PLEASE tell me you’re kidding 🙁 OMFG…the US is next.

          • That’s what I’m afraid of. I hope this isn’t a bad harbinger for us.

          • …I wanna be kidding…I really do
            …but if you read the DOT that I left somewhere in the hope it might show up in the a.m. my guess is you’d come back to complain that I lied to you, my friend.

  3. Hey myo! I’m glad deadsplinter is back.

  4. Great to see all of my DUAN friends again!

    Scott Weiland and STP cover “Dancing Days”.

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