Deadsplinter Up! All Night: the duan went missing edition

missing,,,,presumed...gone? i was caught unprepared like….ima call this one a free for all 🙂



  1. Two DUANs.  This is so cool.

    • that first one is gold mate
      tapping along like nobodies business here

  2. Scavengers – We Are The One



  3. Dammit, it’s Avengers. Autocorrect, sigh

    • me like!
      thats a pretty old school sound they got going

    • i kinda feel like i should have heard this one before….but i havent
      thank you 😀

  4. and a foot stomper workout!!!

    • now im wondering what he could do with a wa wa and distortion
      dude could be a metal god

    • The steel player at 4:06 in that clip is Marian Hall and she is one of my heroes.  

    • lol..probably
      im okay with that 🙂
      (love you really myo)

    • The Swim! The Pony! The Mashed Potato! Lovey’s interpretive solo! 

    • oh man that reminded me of two songs
      the first being dutch hip hop what sampled it (made for a damn good song imo)

      and the second being our new vocal talent

      • Cool!  I like French Hip Hop wasn’t familiar with any Dutch Hip Hop.

        • tbh…most of the time hiphop wouldnt be right to call it
          its a mix between edm club shit and hiphop over here


  5. Two DUANs in one evening! 
    🎵Tonight’s the night, I’m gonna push it to the limit
    I live all of my years in a single minute
    Fill my eyes with that double vision, no disguise for that double vision 🎵
    Foreigner, “Double Vision” 


  6. Two DUANs, two lives:


  7. is going on around here?

    I am NOT sleeping!

    Joking aside, we cannot have an uncategorised DUAN. Sorry @farscythe but this one will be categorised properly.

    • Uncategorized DUANs?  What’s next, cats laying down with dogs?  If you let  standards go, what do you have left?  Chaos, that’s what.

      • I blame…


      • uncategorized is where the farscy lives
        beware…there be fucking dragons here

    • *twitches*
      its a good thing i love you
      its gonna take ages for the stench of categorized to wash off me..

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