1. i am not……the weather has been solidly autumn since winter here
    grey and fucking miserable….not hot or cold
    comfy farscy weather really…sides from the fucking grey and miserable part…

  2. Too soon? I’m posting this again, cos it’s hot. (In fact, it would be hilarious if we found a way to post it for every DUAN’s theme for as long as possible. ;P 

      • If you ever saw them live, this is much closer to a live show than the regular studio albums & that was the point.  They were such a tight band they could pull this off like nobody else.  It is my favorite album too.  

        • Thank you for the affirmation! I have been met with so much “…but the original..”, and I’m like, “Hey, for me, the original was overproduced and sterile.” I’m perfectly fine if someone doesn’t agree with me, but I hate that I’m often expected to defend my opinion on this — hilarious and stupid at the same time.

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