Deadsplinter Up! All Night: The Island Of Misfit Videos

Hit me with your odds and ends.

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  1. *doots away*

  2. ahahahahhahahhaha does this count?

    coz its fucking hilarious and im dying here

  3. Whilst he was definitely not a misfit (quite revered amongst the influential, in fact, and then legendary in death), I just love this vid and the fact that it’s casually plopped into what looks like a casual breakfast/supper-time show on French telly. Ah, the 1980s.

    Klaus Nomi, “Nomi Song” 

  4. Heinz Baked Beans — The Who


  5. Man, @KeitelBlacksmith, that Broken Lungs record is real real good.

    I’m not quite sure what to do here, but here’s a couple of my favorite lost videos.  First, the great Ray Price (with Buddy Emmons on steel)

    Then, my #1 favorite music video on YouTube:  Bill Evans Trio going off in someone’s living room in Helsinki while the snow and cold whip around outside.  In this section, they play the Johnny Mandel/Johnny Mercer song “Emily” from the movie The Americanization of Emily.  This sends me to musical heaven.

    • @Luigi Vuoto

      The Bill Evans Trio song is great. I think we now have our afternoon coffee and paper music for tomorrow. As far as posting on Duan, do what feels good. No rules.

  6. Disembodied mouths always freak me out. 4 American Dollars:


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