Deadsplinter Up! All Night: The Island Of Misfit Videos

Hit me with your odds and ends.

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  1. Whilst he was definitely not a misfit (quite revered amongst the influential, in fact, and then legendary in death), I just love this vid and the fact that it’s casually plopped into what looks like a casual breakfast/supper-time show on French telly. Ah, the 1980s.

    Klaus Nomi, “Nomi Song” 

  2. Man, @KeitelBlacksmith, that Broken Lungs record is real real good.

    I’m not quite sure what to do here, but here’s a couple of my favorite lost videos.  First, the great Ray Price (with Buddy Emmons on steel)

    Then, my #1 favorite music video on YouTube:  Bill Evans Trio going off in someone’s living room in Helsinki while the snow and cold whip around outside.  In this section, they play the Johnny Mandel/Johnny Mercer song “Emily” from the movie The Americanization of Emily.  This sends me to musical heaven.

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