Deadsplinter Up! All Night: The Last Day

The last day of the decade. If there was anything you needed to get done before 2020, you better do it quick.

“The Last Day” – Gravy Train



  1. Thanks to a Facebook post from Insomnium, on the last day I found a new band to check out. They’ve got an In Flames-type vibe:

  2. Nice.

    At least there’s none of that ‘Y2K – end of the world’-type mad rush on banks, weapons, non-perishables, and water. flashback:

    • Julie London – End of the World

  3. Be careful out there DUAN-ers & Happy New Years!

  4. That’s easy for you to say.

  5. Can’t leave out this version of the cliche New Year’s song since we lost Cyril this year. A hui hoe uncle

  6. Iran – Baby, Let’s Get High One Last Time

  7. Happy New Year!

  8. Trying to help Myo outmotherfucker the scipts:

  9. After a long holiday season, I can finally relax. At least, for a few days…

    • That was awesome! Had to look up Smoko, know a lot of Aussies & Kiwis but never heard that one. Enjoy your Smoko!

  10. My hope for 2020
    Jimmy Cliff – I Can See Clearly Now

  11. A very young Todd Rundgren.

    Happy New Year’s, everyone!

  12. oh…this should annoy people…of the 2010’s…it’s…

  13. This Zeppelin style “Thank you” is for Myo, who has worked tirelessly to give us our DUAN back!!!

    So thank you, Myo!

    DUAN is something that most of us did every night for many years and then one day it was just gone and I felt so lost without it!

    Thank you, Myo, for being an excellent listener and for allowing us to take all of the good parts of the old DUAN and make it even better! Looking forward to the New Year!

    • I’ll second that, thanks to all of you that made this all possible.

    • I’ve been “told” to learn to appreciate the thanks, but in all honesty, I feel it is you (and the rest of the DUAN Discographers who made everyone feel welcome on the original DUAN, DeadspinRIP’s DUAN, and now Deadsplinter’s DUAN) and the people who know grammar that are writing here on Deadsplinter that deserve all the credit. I’m just the tech guy who can’t let go of the community. So I want to thank YOU and the rest of you for your continued support of Deadsplinter!
      And Happy New Year to ALL!

  14. OK…so I realize this isn’t how it’s meant to work…but what can I say…this is music to my ears…

    • Thanks for reminding me…the Royal Canadian Air Farce (final 🙁 special) nye special starts soon! RIP RCAF!

  15. Motion City Soundtrack — Together We’ll Ring in the New Year
    Happy New Year everybody.

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