DeadSplinter Up! All Night: The Movies

Let’s go to the movies!

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  1. I hate award shows and most of the movies that win the award shows.  So how about a song from Something About Mary which should have won some awards…



  2. I have a few choices from best movie song of all time, and both of them had lyrics written by Johnny Mercer.  The first one of course, is Laura, from the Otto Preminger movie.  This song is so good, that in the year it came out, there were no fewer than four different versions by separate artists that became hits. Interestingly, the original song in the movie did not have lyrics, but because it was so popular, they went and got Mercer to write lyrics and now it’s impossible to think of the song without the words.

    The second is Moon River, from Breakfast at Tiffany’s directed by Blake Edwards.  Music by Henry Mancini, lyrics by Johnny Mercer.



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