Deadsplinter Up! All Night: The New Year is approaching!

Every New Year’s I watch this home video from a family that I don’t even know that’s set to The Zombies, “This Will Be Our Year” and I get a little teary-eyed and I’m not even sure why!



  1. A little Jazz-Funk with a touch of Afro-Beat performed live to start your weekend? Mop Mop – Mr. Know it All

    And to get your head bobbing with a little Mop Mop with Fred Wesley on trombone

  2. This is me REACHING to follow theme here, but because we can post whatever we want without judgement, I’m going to REACH to the year 3030.

    As 2020 quickly approaches, it means that in 1,010 years from now, this song will be written and recorded and sent through time to the year 2000 for me to post here 20 years later…and 1,010 years prior:

    • I was just thinking today that it’s been twenty years since Y2K!
      How is that even possible? Remember all of the computers were going to malfunction sending us straight into the Zombie Apocalypse!

      • I was on a boat on a lake looking at the space needle thinking it was going to go dark at midnight on Y2K, I didn’t even think about the 20 years thing until you said that. Crazy how time & life changes!

  3. John Prine – Souvenirs
    JP is a national treasure. If you’ve never seen him live try to catch a show on his current tour. The old man isn’t gonna be around forever.

  4. …so – at the risk of cheating (& because some kind soul already did a double-header) I’m giving up the unequal struggle to pick a single track at least for tonight

    …up first we have something in honor of the fact that I know it’s not sunday but it feels like tomorrow has been maybe-monday for about a week now…

    …& one more because of something myo said elsewhere about how the new year is looking over in kinjatown…so there may be some irony involved…

    …only (if you’ll forgive the hat-trick of indecision) these days kinja is perhaps more by way of a different sort of roses…

    • …these DUAN threads are a Pandora’s Box of delights in many ways but I have to admit that among them for me is an unexpected degree of nostalgia for the days oh-so-many-moons ago when I listened to a good deal more music with more guitars in

      …& if I’m honest, a lot more music that I hadn’t heard before

      …my point being that your pick is once again something I’ve found here that I hadn’t heard & I’m grateful for the pointer.

  5. All this talk of New Years and new beginnings, but it’s also the end… of something.

    And I get that, sometimes, it feels like we’re just goin’ in circles

    But, 2020 could be the end of all lies

    This song is preceded on the album by Charlie Chaplin’s speech from the end of “The Great Dictator”, which is always worth a rewatch.

    Godspeed, all in 2020.

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