Deadsplinter Up! All Night: The Original Rock n Roll President

Happy 99th Birthday Jimmy Carter! The Allman Bros helped to get him elected President and he counts Dylan and Willie Nelson as friends.

I got to shake his hand when I was five and he was the Governor of Georgia and every time we would pass the Capitol, I would yell out “That’s Jimmy Carter’s house!” – so needless to say I am a life long fan no matter what the haters say. And by haters, I mean anyone who has to mention he was a terrible President. Don’t care – love the man and I’m glad he’s still with us.

Not exactly rock and roll but apparently one of his favorite songs.

Hope everyone has a great week!



  1. He was a decent man who got played by Satanists, er, Repugs.

    BTW, wingnuts… JIMMY CARTER and along with Dr Harold Brown was the man who initiated all the weapons programs that Raygun later took credit for which broke the back of the USSR.

    Raygun really was the head puppet guy/stooge who cut taxes on the rich so that they didn’t have to pay for the B-1 and B-2 bombers, F-15, F/A-18, F-16 fighters, M-1 tanks, M2/M3 IFVs and M240 MLRS (which is being used to kill Russian invaders in the Ukraine today) as well as the numerous warships the program built up and left that mess for GH Bush and Bill Clinton to clean up.

    It’s not Rock’n Roll but it fits the era as he was a former US Navy Nuclear Engineer/Submariner.

    Meanwhile the rest of the world was just trying to stay alive…


      • One might call that treason…. just like when Tricky Dicky got the South Vietnam government to stall on peace talks to torpedo Hubert Humphries chances.

        Donald Traitor Trump just followed the line of GOPer shitbags using elements of the “Big State” apparatus to fuck over Dems but was too fucking stupid/incompetent to pull off the knife in the back.

  2. funny thing… a local musician named jimmy carter

    i mean…his stuff is fairly run of the mill decent i guess….not my thing tho

    now thats more like it

    (doom scroll – masters )

    (you know…in case the fucking videos dont work again)

  3. Little Joe & The Thrillers – Peanuts


  4. One of my favorite all-time records

    And a 1930s animation to give you nightmares.  You’ve got to watch this.


    • 😬

  5. Louis Jordan – Jordan for President

    Yiu need a strong history game to follow this one.

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