DeadSplinter Up! All Night: The Taxman

apropos of nothing

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  1. On topic – 

    Not exactly on topic but for some reason I’ve been singing it all day long.
    Also, fun fact – apparently the go-go dancer is one of the guy’s mom. In a weird way –  it fits. 

  2. SRV’s very first recording session after getting sober was for a project that Michael Jackson was working on.  Jackson wanted to make some kind of animated special with his newly acquired Beatles catalog providing the music.  SRV was asked to cover Taxman.


  3. “Money Makes the World Go ‘Round” from Cabaret. But not just any version. This is from the episode of Schitt’s Creek where Patrick and Stevie are rehearsing for the local performance. 

    • …hmmm

      …not sure how janis crept in there…was meant to be a fella going by the name of braintax talking about “arrest the president” but I can’t bring myself to delete the joplin…so here’s the other thing

      • …I might be getting a little carried away with this particular theme…but I couldn’t seem to find this one earlier & I figure it deserved to make an appearance?

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