Deadsplinter Up! All Night: The Wildlife

Today is National Wildlife Day. It is also Walking the Dog day. Take your pick.

This is really cool.

Hope you had a Happy Tucciday! Thanks for your support.



  1. ill go with dewolff….coz i gotta plug the locals…..i think….and i do love the oldschool sound

  2. Dark nursery tune

    Matt Sweeney and Bonnie “Prince” Billy – Shorty’s Ark


    Every day is Walking the Dog Day here

    The Sonics –  Walking the Dog


  3. RIP Mark Lanegan

    • almost forgot my twofer!


      • well fuck…i forgot it was tuesday….feels like it should be thursday by now..

        for my twofer have my themesong

    • What? Damn 2022!

      • He was a Seattle legend!  Really sad & no info on cause so far.

        • Based on the book excerpt I just read, I’m going to guess complications from Covid.

          • I would not bet against that.

      • I had not seen this but I had read that he was a Covid denier before he got it.  At least he admitted being a “knucklehead” for being a dumbass.

  4. To the theme: Frankie Goes to Hollywood – Watching the Wildlife

    And RIP to Mr. Lanegan: No Bells on Sunday (live)

  5. Radio Birdman – Snake

    Adam And The Ants – Dog Eat Dog

  6. I apologize in advance.

  7. Rat poison


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