DeadSplinter Up! All Night: There’s Only Tonight

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      • I mean, I’m not that heavily invested in helping people “find their metal,” but if somebody says “I could maybe like metal without screamo vocals” and they already like Mongolian hard rock, I’ll give it a shot.

        These kids are from New Zealand and most of their lyrics are in Maori.

        • I like some of the stuff you post and some aren’t my bag, but I was referring to Ellie’s tolerance level based on whom she tolerates irl and that person’s (not naming names but rhymes with title) lack of taste regarding #art

          • KB is the person who annoys me the least out of the whole world. We will be married 25 years in 2021. So you won’t catch me agreeing with any Keitel bashing! 😘😜
            Btw, I keep say it as Keetel, you rhyme it with title, but the man tells me that it is pronounced kettle, like what you make tea with.

        • I wish I knew of more metal groups with operatic vocals, ala early Queen. 
          But I do like your posts even more because you don’t seem to be trying to convert anyone to metal, but simply present these gems as if offering a piece of tasty fruit.

    • Apparently I have enjoyed the gateway drug and am moving on to the harder stuff. I liked the chanting, and there was just a little bit of screamo mid-way. What else do you have that isn’t in English? Apparently my metal quirk is that I don’t want to understand the lyrics? Thank you.

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