Deadsplinter Up! All Night: These Go To Eleven

Give me a push over the cliff.

Thanks for coming around.



  1. Bass Drum of Death Get Found (turn that volume up)


  2. hokay!
    off the cliff with you…try to avoid the sharp bits on the way down!

    • Nice moustache grandad Your dating advice sucks shit Delete your YouTube account Get your ass back to jail NSBM fans will listen to anything Any shitty band As long as the politics lean to the far right They will support any fucking idiots “I’m not into politics, I just listen to the riffs” You’re so full of shit you are bursting at the seams VARG IMPALED “I’m not a racist, I just want a white ethno state” Brexiteering asshole, go fuck yourself VARG IMPALED Fuck off and die Fuck off and die Varg impaled The riffs suck NSBM sounds like shit Guitars recorded through a vacuum …Where the fuck’s the bass?! The lowest form of rebellion Conformity is not metal You say conservatism is the new punk Yeah following the rules is so rebellious “I’m not a fascist, maybe the left are the REAL fascists?!” Anti-antifa means fa – YOU’RE A FASCIST VARG IMPALED “I’m not a homophobe, but the bible says……….” I thought you were a pagan YOU OBSTINATE SHIT VARG IMPALED Fuck off and die Fuck off and die Varg impaled

      • If you know anything about Varg Vikernes, this is pretty funny.

        • @LemmyKilmister

          I did a quick search. He seems charming. As an aside, I thought you were having a breakdown. I’m glad you weren’t.

  3. Jeff Healy’s cover of Communication Breakdown definitely goes to 11.


  4. Or Break Dancing? (By the way the second guy is doing “The Robot.” I miss the 80s so much.)

  5. Lord Huron – Ends of the Earth

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