DeadSplinter Up! All Night: They Say It’s Your Birthday

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Somebody (I’m looking at you, @keitelblacksmith) turned 49 years old today. I am always thrilled with his birthday; mine is in January (Capricorns rule, baby) and for those few months until April, our age is difference is even wider than normal (yuck). Some years ago we had a bash for his 40th, with a playlist that I think still holds up. Do you have any must-hear party songs? Any get that party started songs? Any songs that keep the crowd upbeat but still able to talk? Or is talking a bore, and you want that crowd to dance? (Come on, @matthewcrawley, you must have a list of required songs for fun parties.) Here are some choice tunes from our past playlist:

Diamond Rugs – Voodoo Doll

Beastie Boys – Intergalactic

Ty Segall – Girlfriend

The Cars ― Just What I Needed

And the ever-classic Dogs Birthday Song

As always, thank you kindly good sirs and madams, for your support of DeadSplinter and DUAN.

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  1. they never allow me near the stereo at parties….not even at my own… (wait..i dont think ive actually had a party of my own since i was a kid… but yeah…anyways…it doesnt take people long to figure out i need to be kept away from the music box)

    anyways happy birthday @KietelBlacksmith

  2. Happy Birthday Rockstar!  Hope you got more than chocolate eggs!  This is just such a fun version…

    but this is how I picture Keitel…

    and this is how I never want to picture Keitel…


    • @Loveshaq

      Somewhere in between. The kids got me a gift card to Steam and a White Stripes lp.


      Got me a potting bench so I don’t have to bend over and a gel cushion for my knees when I’m planting in the yard. No matter what though I need my Tylenol.



  3. I like rockabilly for parties. It appeals to country fans as well as rock and rollers. And you can always find fun little gems to surprise some people with. Like this one from Baby Ray and the Ferns (Ray Collins and Frank Zappa).

    How’s Your Bird





    and there’s plenty of tearjerkers for when you want to slow things down.

    Wanda Jackson – Happy, Happy Birthday




    Happy Birthday@KeitelBlacksmith

  4. I wouldn’t know anything about party music.  I really don’t like parties at all.  Even when I’m in a room full of friends/people I know, I can’t help but feel out of place.  So I avoided them like the plague when I was younger–except, of course, for the parties where the express purpose was drinking.  Now, Mrs. Butcher and I aren’t particularly social people so there aren’t parties that we attend in general.

    That being said, I hope Keitel’s 49th is one for the books.

    Buckwheat Zydeco – We’re Having a Party


  5. Oh God, so many. Who I have people over for dinner I often don’t put on music at all, there is just TOO MUCH TO TALK ABOUT.
    But for the big annual holiday party, I move it along in phases. We begin with a somewhat mellow brunch/cocktail hour. I always play this, because it’s fun to watch people stop and kind of look over at the music source:

    Then, especially if there are kids, I put this on and lead a Richard Simmons-like “Rockin’ with the Oldies” session:

    Then, once the kids are gone and everyone’s good and liquored up, this gets trotted out:

    Many happy returns, Keitel!

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