DeadSplinter Up! All Night: This Place is Turning Upside Down

Stay safe everyone and thank you for your continued support of DeadSplinter. Phantom Planet was a severely underrated band.



  1. nothing to do with nothing……catchy tho

    • ah ffuck it ill just keep going

      • dutch hiphop/rap is a hellova thing

        • …the french stuff can get a little raucous, too?

          • O.o never heard of him…nice 😀

          • Rooo introduced me to Keny Arkana. Good stuff.

            • …think someone else was responsible for my introduction…but Roo was definitely responsible for my first seeing the video for La Rage

              …shame we can’t persuade the lady to come join us, really

  2. For my Canadian brothers & sisters on this site

  3. Young Creatures Fear All the Things (that I can’t control)

  4. Maybe you can find TP at the Happy Carrot Health Food Store

    • This is great. But it looks too organized and clean to be my local co-op!

  5. Or maybe we are all Doomed?

    • It’s so cool to see this here, Dylan Sizemore is from my town!

      • We love Frankie and the Witch Fingers. Keitel has all their vinyl.

        • I love seeing a local boy make good. My daughter was pretty tight with one of the other Sizemore boys, not sure if it was a brother or cousin. There’s a bunch of them and they all play music.

    • This is good. I didn’t know about these guys.

      • Vibrations was their first “college radio” hit.

  6. Kilo Kish – Existential Crisis Hour

    Soccer Mommy – Crawling In My Skin

    • Soccer Mommy! I just got the deluxe limited edition colored vinyl of Color Theory.

  7. bestest dance song ever 🙂

    • Maybe they will play it at My Party?

      • ^.^
        put me in the mood for manu chao that did

    • At work every morning I get a report of everyone who has been booked into the county jail. Several years ago I knew I recognized one name, but had to google it. Travis Meeks, on a fugitive warrant.

    • Fun facts about Dolores O’Riordan:

      She was banned from Jezebel for her anti-abortion stance because Jezebel only tolerated people who agreed with the Jezebel commentariat.

      She was banned from Splinter for the same reason.

      For that, I hope Deadsplinter’s comment section will be more open to discussion rather than berating those who have differing opinions…

      She was a loving and caring person who loved her children more than she loved her music and a lot of people miss her greatly:

      …and she should be remembered for who she was moreso than her music, but it’s likely safe to say that every musician should be?

  8. Danger Mouse – “Chase Me” ft. Run The Jewels and Big Boi (From The Motion Picture Baby Driver):

  9. I’m not afraid of no coronavirus

  10. Cats and dogs living together… what kind of unholy shit have I seen this week? Friends, I have seen things that would boggle your mind…

    • Worst than the marauding monkeys going nuts in Thailand now that no tourists are there to feed them?

      • A coworker shared that on slack yesterday. Planet of the apes snark ensued.

  11. Sometimes I feel as though people are dead in my head and sometimes it’s just me coping with those I’ve lost. Sometimes things feel like a can of worms I can’t open, but often times a song can mean a lot of things at once:

    (explicit content mention required)

    Ballad of Worms by Cage:

    • That’s heavy. Everything alright, prophet?

      • This song means a lot to me the way it is worded so I’ve always wanted to find a place to post it on DUAN…even the original DUAN, but I didn’t want to be dark or depressing. I saw a crack through which it might fit on this DUAN so I posted it and even though I have moved on from where I was and learned (through the help of many of you) to let go of the things I cannot control, it still sits deeply inside of me. Like a where I was and where I am now kind of nostalgia.

        So it is safe to say that considering every DUAN this week had over 40, YES 40, contributions…that I am more than just ok because:

        • Glad to hear it.

  12. I saw them once when Jason Schwartzman was still the drummer. They were a fun band.

    Mudhoney – Touch Me I’m Sick
    (I’m not sick.)
    (Don’t touch anyone who is.)

  13. …well, I have to admit when I first read that header my mind went two pretty different places?

    …make of that what you will, I guess?

      • this song is about addiction…..
        it might not know it,,,,but it is

  14. I haven’t got any music to share yet, on theme, but I do have a bit of sad, about an interesting artist,whose music I don’t know particularly well, but who was an interesting person I learned about on a TV show, about an eccentric little shop in New York, which was called “Oddities”

    Evan, one of the hosts of the shop & show explained who Genesis & Lady Jaye were. She did it in a kind way, that left you understanding they had loved each other *very* much, and that they were wholly committed to their art.

    I never remembered to look up their music (until tonight), but I will always remember seeing the episodes with Genesis, because of how h/er love for Lady Jaye shone through everything s/he did.

    Their music WAS really interesting–and VERY Industrial😉

    But it’s also definitely got a danceable beat, and looks like it WOULD have been a wild & fun live show.

    Genesis’ Wikipedia page,

    And the initial obit/story I saw tonight:

    • damn O,o comes to mind
      me likey

    • Very sad, RIP Genesis.

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