DeadSplinter Up! All Night: Time Capsule

Spotify made me a playlist that is called “Time Capsule” and I guess they look at my algorithm and then pick old songs that they think would match.

Here’s a sampling of what’s been playing over here today:

What is either in or going in your Time Capsule?

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  1. Every day is a time capsule for me. Here’s a few from today’s playlist.
    James – Getting Away With It (All Messed Up) live

    U2 – New Year’s Day

    The Charlatans – The Only One I Know


  2. For the most part, my Time Capsule is dead-on.  Only three songs that I flat-out hate, and half of what’s listed is already in my favorites–most of what isn’t in favorites is simply another version of the track from a compilation or deluxe album release.  Such as:
    David Bowie – Modern Love

    Nat King Cole – L-O-V-E

    I even found one song to add to my favorites:  Bon Jovi’s “Runaway”


  3. I’m not sure I’d put these in a time capsule but I heard these on the radio today and liked them enough to remember their names.

    The first is an electronic band that the Blacksmith dogs (and possibly the rest of you)would not enjoy. 

    Lunacy – Past Present Future



    The second is a duo from Hazard, Kentucky

    Briefly Pink – Rainy Days





    • Very cool!  I will put my beer guy on this to get me some & let u know if it is as good as they are hyping!  I like Belching Beaver but they weren’t my favorite in San Diego, such a cool beer scene there.

  4. For some reason unbeknownst to me, my Spotify Time Capsule playlist is stuck in the 60s, with several jazz standards on offer. I was assuming it would try to pinpoint your nostalgia decade (presumably the music you listened to in your teens and twenties) and build from there, but they’ve fully missed the mark in my case. Not that I’ve anything against 60s and jazz standards, but my particular time capsule would better suit a parent or aunt/uncle. 

  5. This video is a time capsule. When the crowd gets up to dance I am transported back to 1982. Everything about this, the clothes, the hair, the ska, the unapologetic Englishness of it. 

    • Yes to everything in this thread. I love this era of ska and the Two-Tone bands. I always have to remember which side of the Pond I’m on when referring to them as The Beat/The English Beat. Same with Yaz/Yazoo.
      Scottish New Wave of the time also sends me into an era (and Dave Wakeling and Edwyn Collins vaguely resemble each other–along with Bernard Sumner). 

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