Deadsplinter Up! All Night: Tomorrow is Another Day

Sometimes when times are tough, it helps to remember that it can always get better tomorrow. With each sunrise, there is a new opportunity for better things to come our way. What are some optimistic songs that you can share with everyone tonight?

Thanks for being here for tonight’s DUAN on Deadsplinter.

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  1. I’m not a particularly good singer, but when I want to put myself in a better place and The Better Half is not around and I’m in bed I sing this to myself nd The Faithful Hound:

    If he had hair to wear like heaven I’m sure he would!

    • Damn you, no WordPress post-edit function. I meant to type “love” and I got “hair” and…I’ll stop comparing [here’s another one: I meant complaining but I caught this one just in time] 
      Much less crankier than I have been all week, but still cranky,
      Your weird uncle who posts random thoughts on FB,

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