DeadSplinter Up! All Night: Touch

In the Realm of the Senses

feeling it, haptic style

The sense of touch (or “somatosensation”) is one of the primary ways we get information about our internal and external environments. It’s the source of pleasure, pain, hot and cold, pressure, itch, and tickle. We use touch to perceive sticky, slimy, wet or dry and texture. Touch sends more information to our brain on a constant basis than any of the other senses. So it’s a good thing that the loss of touch is extremely rare, because unlike the loss of any of the other senses, I don’t know how we could adapt. It’s how we feel.

Obviously, tonight’s theme is anything related to touch. I’m really touched that you let me make these little Wednesday night DUANs, by the way. Participating in Deadsplinter in any small way is always good touch. And I just found out that if you type “touch” too many times it starts to look funny on the page. And now I’m out of touch. Ya feel me?



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