Deadsplinter Up! All Night: Trick or Drugs

Don't do drugs and stay in school

Tis the season for hysteria over people putting drugs in kids’ candy bags for Halloween, as if that ever happened. Like someone is going to waste perfectly good (and not cheap!) drugs.

What drugs do you want to see in your goody bag this year among the candy corn and apples with razor blades? Or if you’re a square like me, what kind of candy do you hope gets snuck in your bag of drugs?



  1. im a fan of speed

    just makes me hyperfocused tho….it nice

    and if you want a chatty farscy feed me cocaine….really…all uppers works like a charm for me….. the downers are not for me tho…..tho…. younger me did occasionally take heroin to come down of all the coke and speed…sometimes codeine too…

    i’m amazed i survived all that shit

  2. More Rev HH

    Also, NO ONE is giving away drugs. That shit is expensive! And if my (hypothetical) kids came home with drugs I would just confiscate them, like I would a Reese’s PB Cup.

    • its a fun scare tactic tho innit?

      ermagerd free drugs!…uhh wait i mean poison candy

      oh no poor little jimmy is going to get high as fuck

      *shrugs* i mean if it happens….lucky fucking kid

      surprise highs are the best ones


  3. I love all the groups leaning in to the idiocy of OMG DRUGS IN HALLOWEEN CANDY

    A college friend shared a facebook post from an archivist’s page today about how “parents beware! people are finding old editions of Reader’s Digest magazines inside their kids’ Snickers!”

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