DeadSplinter Up! All Night: Trivial

What are your fun facts about bands? I saw this fun fact on Twitter the other day.

Gives me a chance to torture you with this…

Whatcha got for me? As always, thank you for playing and thank you for your support of DeadSplinter and DUAN.



  1. Ian Gillan, lead singer for Deep Purple, was also the original Jesus on the Jesus Christ Superstar album.

    Film director Norman Jewison contacted Gillan to reprise the role in the film, but Gillan declined.  Which is seriously too goddamned bad because Ted Neeley sucked.

  2. Skankin Pickle is the only band to ever work the quadratic equation into a song…

    and special bonus…Mary Schneider is probably the only woman to yodel multiple overtures together!

  3. Lee Maye, of Arthur Lee Maye & the Crowns was not only a very fine doo-wop singer with several hits, but later he also had an 11-year career in major league baseball as a top-tier outfielder.  In 1964, he hit .304 with the Milwaukee Braves and drove in 74 RBI and led the league in doubles.

  4. I heard an interview with Graham Nash where he talked about visiting Neil Young at his ranch Young was having an LP mixed at his home studio. Nash claims Young had a barn and a garage both filled with speakers facing outwards. And he rowed Nash and himself out onto his lake in a canoe and communicated with the engineer by bullhorn, yelling things like “ more garage”. Don’t know if it’s true but it’s a funny story.



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