Deadsplinter Up! All Night: Turn that Shit Up!

When I watch the old Rage Against the Machine clips, the first thing I take note of is the amazing energy level, starting with Zack, who flies from one side of the stage to the other. Then to the crowd! Such unbridled joy, and no cell phones! God I miss these guys! The last time I was at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, they had just finished “fumigating” their most recent donation, the original RATM touring van, a 1985 Chevy Astro owned by Tom Morello. There was nothing special about the beat-up old van, but I must have stood there and stared at it for at least half an hour. This was truly a piece of music history!



  1. Rage Against the Machine story. Years ago, thinking I was cool and singing as my teenager listened to Guerrilla Radio – apparently they were not singing “Wake up! We’re on the radio!”

    Moving along;I pre-orded Wasted Shirt’s debut album ‘Fungus II’ for keitel blacksmith. Not my style, but I do like Ty Segall.

    • I too have a Rage story…saw them in an old warehouse converted for concerts with a beer garden in the back behind a chain link fence. We thought we would start there, have a beer and check out the beginning of the show before rushing the stage. Once the concert started, the craziest mosh pit I have ever seen took off. We got to the front of the chain link fence to watch but knew that we were NOT rushing the stage. Next thing I know this kid is shoved into the fence in front of us looking like he knew he made some bad life choices! We continued from the safety of our fence and beer. Happy Birthday!

  2. I have never been the biggest Rush fan. Not that I actively don’t like them, I just never got into them. But, damn, I thought this was the coolest song in the world when I was a kid. I hadn’t read the book, yet, but this Tom Sawyer sounded like a rad dude.

    RIP Neil

  3. This is perfect and a nice segue to who I want to talk about today, Rush. If you havn’t heard Neil Peart passed today at 67 from cancer. Fuck cancer!

    I saw Rush as protest band and though I have bands I list ahead of them I never turn the dial or skip past a tune when they come on. I remember the day I was introduced to Rush (not the exact day). We were in the basement bedroom of a classmate’s older brother and he had the Fly by Night blacklight poster and we turned off the lights and played the LP. It was hard and fast and the opening line, “Know your place in life is where you want to be” and I knew…

    I wanted to be the drummer…

    Ladies and Gentleman, please welcome. Rush…

    There is unrest in the forest
    There is trouble with the trees
    For the maples want more sunlight
    And the oaks ignore their pleas

    • Of all their albums, I think Presto is the one that stays with me the most. I don’t know if it was the first albums of theirs I heard, but I listened to it a lot as a teenager, and “The Pass” in particular stood out, because of the story behind it.

    • There are tons of tunes that you know when you hear that very first sound wave hit your ear and this is one for me. I love the themes here, of course anti-commercialization speaks to an old hippy like me…

  4. Spinal Tap 11

    “Turn it up,turn it up,a little bit higher,radio”
    Van Morrison – Caravan
    This is the first song I thought of, the use of the word gypsy does give me pause in 2020. But oh,that voice!

  5. I can’t help it–every time I see the phrase “turn that shit up”, I immediately get Faderhead going through my head 😀 If you don’t know Faderhead, it’s fun stompy industrial. This isn’t necessarily one of his best tracks, but it’s catchy and fun to dance to.

  6. I’m glad I saved my Tom Morello story for today than posting it yesterday. Ok not much of a story, his little vehicle that carried him from his Outside Lands set beeped at me because I was standing in the way. I did see his Nightwatchman performance and almost got onstage but it was at capacity.

    Tom Morello — Let Freedom Ring

  7. You can’t talk about volume without Motorhead. I saw them, shit, 10 years ago? I heard the first half of Iron Fist crystal clear, and then the rest of my life has sounded a bit muddy. Anyway, here’s Overkill.

      • Wurzel’s been gone a long time, too. Scorpions are planning a Vegas residency in July, so I’m gonna go see Mikkey Dee again. Phil Campbell and the Bastard Sons aren’t too bad, either, but there’s always gonna be a Lem shaped hole in the metal world.

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