Deadsplinter Up! All Night: Turnip Stampede

I have a few friends I exchange music with, often I find myself saying “oh yeah, that was cool” but really not meaning it.  Sometimes, I find myself truly amazed at great bands that fly so far under the radar they have only small local followings.  My friend’s sister lives near Syracuse NY and used to go see this band in small clubs in the area and turned us on to them.  I can’t find much quality stuff of them on Youtube but they sure seem like a fun show if you like funky jam rock. 

If you just read the title of tonight’s DUAN you are probably saying to yourself “what the fuck does he expect me to post for this?”, unless you are @KeitelBlacksmith and probably have 30 or so turnip based bands. So, post your favorite jam bands, undiscovered regional bands, or whatever else. I have faith you will post good shit!   Have a great weekend, I may be MIA again for a few days while I drive another 500 miles for parent weekend at college.



  1. ill go with gus,zag and the turnip king

  2. oh good the post is back….it kinda dissapeared before i could say i like your band earlier

    • Thanks!  I had a technical issue this morning & the post time got messed up.  Luckily your great Admins. got it worked out.

      • also…did you know there is a band called turnip?
        seems to be pretty solid stoner rock….i considered using one of their songs as my pick…but then i figured that’d be cheating as id never heard them before…lol
        (i seem to have made up a whole bunch of rules for this shit for myself)

  3. Turnip the Radio


    • I see what you did there…pretty slick!

  4. Support your local music scene

    The Hellcats – Never Know






  5. Jam, you said? Ty Seagull, And, Goodnight. This is 12 minutes and 3 seconds of excellent tunes.


    • im 2 minutes in and its added to playlist

  6. Duke Ellington, Tulip or Turnip:


    • That Ellington Orchestra was the best jam band ever.

  7. @Loveshaq have fun at parent’s weekend! Does this mean that both girls will be at college? Empty nester? We went from childcare right into eldercare, and when it was finally just us, it took awhile to figure who were, without responsibilities for other humans. Enjoy!

  8. @Elliecoo  thanks we will.  We dropped off the youngest at school on Tuesday but couldn’t stay all week so are going back for parent’s weekend.  It should be fun, even has a beer garden!  A good friend lives in the area that also attended the same school so I may get to hang out with him some too.  The older one I am moving in to her apartment the first week of Sept. and then her and I go to Hawaii together to see my mom before she starts school.  The empty nest thing is right around the corner and scaring the shit out of me!

    • @Loveshaq, Try new shared interests, stuff that was always “some day…”, cocktails and beer, and picking a topic of the day to discuss… it is amazing how much of one’s life revolves around logistics when caretaking other humans. We had to work for that new normal…you can make it exhilarating!

  9. This is a juicy prompt which required me to deliberate for a bit. 
    There is a wonderful music venue just south of my old neighbourhood called Barbès, which has for years hosted amazing local and global bands: everything from accordion-heavy groups like One Ring Zero and Slavic Soul Party! to analog electronic musicians and global showcases. 
    Via Barbès, I’ve encountered all of the following: 
    Glistening Guinean guitars:
    Mamady Kouyate (w/ Mandingo Ambassadors) 

    Updated southern Moroccan trance: 
    Innov Gnawa, “Toura Toura” 

    Rana Santacruz, whose music, “often called ‘Mexican Bluegrass’ or ‘Irish Mariachi’ starts in Ireland, runs through Appalachia, swings through New Orleans, and careens across most of Mexico.” 
    Rana Santacruz “La Plaza De La Flor” 

    • Great stuff & sounds like a great club.  We had one like that in Hawaii called Anna Bananas that was a biker club on the bottom floor & amazing world music on the upper floor.  That could only work there!  Sadly it is gone.  If you really like this sort of music, I suggest listening to this show on KEXP if you don’t already do so…

  10. White Dog – Turnip

    Plus some Parsnip

    • Not 30 but you never let us down!

      • Why do I always think of this stuff AFTER I post?
        The Roots – The Seed

  11. When I was in college, there was a Lawrence, KS, band that really blew us away.
    Homestead Grays – Rev. Cross

    The lead singer was Chuck Mead, who has made a career and name for himself in Nashville, with BR-549, the Grassy Knoll Boys, and solo.
    Chuck Mead – Daddy Worked the Pole


  12. Just fell off the turnip truck…


  13. Nobody did anything with the “stampede” part? And I hate unfinished work, so:
    The Dickies – Wagon Train

    The best non-Western Western song ever.

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