DeadSplinter Up! All Night: Two for Tucciday

or Tu for Tucciday

Let’s kickoff our official rebranding of today as Tucciday…with an anything goes theme!

So, Deadsplinterazzi – Remember Stanley would want you to have a Negroni topped off with some fun!! As always, thanks for your support.



  1. When Mrs. Butcher and I were watching is Searching for Italy series, we couldn’t help but think how much fun he would be to hang around with.  Seems very down to earth and doesn’t appear to take himself seriously.  Anyway…

    Mavis Staples – Last Train

    Joe Bonamassa – Blues of Desperation


    • I saw that recently and really liked it — I especially liked seeing where true San Marzano tomatoes are grown, and how small the area is — it’s practically wedged against and under a highway.

      The spectre of Covid looming over it was a bit unnerving, but I’m glad Tucci took on political issues a few times — it would have been so easy to hide in “ah, timeless Italia” nostalgia and not think about today at all.

  2. Two from Joe Gould’s Secret, which I regret to say wasn’t as good as Big Night, because Joseph Mitchell was incredible. But I think Joe Gould defeated Stanley Tucci in the same way that he defeated Joseph Mitchell, no matter how hard Ian Holm tried.




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