DeadSplinter Up! All Night: Union Made

Hi good people of Deadsplinter – so the film/television crew strike has been averted for now. Apparently, there were things the Union got like ten hour turn arounds between weekly work days and Fraturdays are now a thing of the past with a 54 hour minimum weekend among other things. What we didn’t get is – there are still some unresolved issues with streaming services like Apple and Amazon paying a lot less into the health/welfare and pension plans so a lot of members are still upset. The whole deal still needs to be officially voted on – so conceivably there could still be a strike. For now – we are all back at work.

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    and my Twofer, Union Ave thinks you should get your Little Green Bag of $$$


  2. I’m genetically incapable of crossing a picket line. Also, my father would haunt the shit out of me if I did.

    Joan Baez – Joe Hill


    Hazel Dickens – Working Girl Blues


  3. I come from a union family.  I still have my old Chicago Federation of Musicians card from when I did a little studio work back in the day.  The neighborhood I last lived in back in Chicago is called “Uni0n Park” because of all the union headquarters around there.  Collective bargaining is in my DNA.  I have my Dad’s Teamsters pin back in a shoebox somewhere.


  4. Patti Smith & Choir! Choir! Choir!, “PEOPLE HAVE THE POWER” 

    Practically obligatory to include Billy Bragg:

    Billy Bragg, “There Is Power In A Union”

  5. Though this has nothing to do with the labor movement:

  6. I think Nigel was a union member…



  7. Foxygen Work


  8. Union strong, brother.

    Our local is voting on a tentative contract right now, dunno if it’ll pass though.

  9. There’s a Steve Earle for this

  10. TMBG – Climbing the Walls

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