DeadSplinter Up! All Night: Utopia

Remaining in light: David Byrne and company in “American Utopia,” Spike Lee’s film version of Byrne’s stage show.Credit...David Lee/HBO

I’m obsessed.

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  1. I’ve been reading Chris Frantz’s autobiography. It’s a great telling of the formation and life of the Talking Heads. A lot of excellent David Byrne is a weirdo jerk stories. Chris, though, is a sweet guy so they don’t read all that bitter. Apparently he and Tina Weymouth haven’t been getting any of the residuals they deserve from that show.
    Utopia (Me Giorgio)

    Girogio Moroder

  2. I was almost sure that header pic was going to be Murray Head’s “One Night in Bangkok” from “Chess.” One of the strangest songs from everyone’s favorite strange decade, the 80s. Skip to 2:56 to see why I thought this.

  3. …well…arguably utopia is a matter of perspective

    …& I don’t know as I’d want the gig…but for a lot of folks it seems to be synonymous with another idea?

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