DeadSplinter Up! All Night: Vibing

Can you believe we’ve already hit June? These songs always remind me of Summer – riding around in my friends convertible with the top down just cruising around old two lane country roads at sunset. I guess that would be called vibing now. And, yes – I’m a child of the seventies – how could you tell?

What’s your vibe Deadsplinter people? As always…



  1. Once upon a time, I used to get hired to photograph concerts put on by the Santa Fe Jazz Foundation.  They paid well, but honestly the best perk of the gigs was the great shows.  One of these was a night with Milt Jackson on vibes, Ray Brown on bass, Cedar Walton on piano and Billy Higgins on drums.  Billy had terminal liver cancer and would die a few months later, but you couldn’t tell by watching him on stage because he was having the time of his life.  I can’t find anything on YouTube with all four of them, so this is Boliva/It Don’t Mean a Thing with Mickey Roker on drums.


  2. When I lived on the Central Coast of California for a few years, I learned the true meaning of summer, because it’s summer all the time over there.  I’m happy to be where I am now on the other side of the country, but on a nice warm day I do look around for the surfers and the low-riders.

    • My favorite part of Endless Summer is they go to Tahiti and say “no surf in Tahiti!”  Even the locals told them they have no surf.  Yeah right!  Some of the best waves in the world they just missed the swell.  That movie inspired me to travel to find surf and all of French Polynesia has amazing surf if you have big cajones, like to paddle across huge lagoons to get to the waves (or make friends easily with locals) and can hold your breath as you get the crap beat out of you!

      • Did I just watch a bunch of people die? Cuz that’s what it looks like.
        Also, shouldn’t they have used Wipeout as the music  or am I dating myself?

        • None of them died but they definitely got a very quick scenic tour of theTahitian reefs (which are much more alive than Hawaii’s reefs) , tested how long they could hold their breath and had their sense of direction tested (choose up, not down!)

          • My first day in Tahiti w/ some pro bodyboarder friends we met this young kid who made us check out of our hotel and stay at his grandparents house on a black sand beach in Tahiti.  You can’t make this shit up, nicest guy I have ever met.  He took us out on a boat to all these spots and saved my board when I broke a leash and it took a trip a 1/4 mile away.  Now he is the most famous ambassador of surfing in Tahiti and was in the remake of Pt. Break.  This was the moment he almost got hit by a jet ski on a wave, I haven’t spoken to him in years but I really want to go hang out with him again…


            • Wow, that’s crazy! I’ve always wondered what happens with the jet ski rescue guys if they get caught in a wave. Glad he didn’t die in that video. 

          • Gonna try to link this surfing vid from Vimeo. Found it years ago and I still love it. Volume up for sure. 

  3. what can i say…i live in edm land…. this song means summer and parties 

  4. Ramsey Lewis Sun Goddess


  5. My chilling, cruising music on a warm sunny day is reggae.  Half Pint – Level the Vibes

    and my twofer…Steel Pulse – We Can Do It


  6. crap ive started meself off

  7. There’s a couple of songs I will always associate with summer cruising.

    This song was on the radio a lot the summer my sister got her driver’s license. 

    Steely Dan – Rikki Don’t Lose That Number


    A couple of years later, when I started dating the worst mistake in a life full of bad decisions, lol,  this song was part of the summer soundtrack. 


    • I love Lowdown – it is a really excellent song.

  8. umm yeah…ill be shutting up now 🙂

  9. Frankie and the Witch Fingers – The Vibe

  10. Fountains of Wayne – It Must Be Summer

    RIP, Adam Schlesinger.

  11. Summer vibes (from nine-ish years ago): 
    Tanlines, “All of Me” 

    Two-fer Tuesday (no, I’m not embarrassed): 
    Wiz Khalifa ft. Empire of the Sun, “The Thrill” 

  12. This is hysterical.  For one glorious night after Dickey Betts got arrested, his replacement was Zakk-fucking-Wylde.  Enjoy:

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