Deadsplinter Up! All Night: Vote for Peace

I know I am preaching to the choir here but can you believe we are less than a week away from the election? I’m sure most of you that can vote early have already done so. I hope none of you will have to stand in line for hours to vote but if you do, what songs might inspire you to do so?

Roy Zimmerman has been doing political satire songs for years but these two are pretty fun and inspirational.

So share your inspirational songs or the music you will be blasting on your headphones to tune out the assholes trying to keep you from voting. I’m here for it all! Happy Anniversary Deadsplinter & thanks for your support and letting me do this every week!



  1. I’ve been waiting for this day for 4 years. Now that it’s coming up I’m terrified. I voted on Oct 1, dropped my ballot in the box. I checked about 10 days later and it was received. I got a text a week ago telling me it was received and accepted. So at least I know my vote will be counted.

    I want total liberty, I want peace and anarchy

    Not really, lol. But I heard this for the first time in years the other day .

    Reagan Youth – USA

  2. All votes are in from our house.  I’ll be thinking about the Hand of Doom because, even if Joe wins, Donny will still be president for at least 2 1/2 more months and he can cause some major damage on his way out.


      • I had a girlfriend in college who was one of the most vindictive people I knew. We were renting a townhouse with shitty management that we actually had to take to small claims court at one point. Said manager refused to renew our lease so she decided that we needed to trash the joint on the way out. It was…bad. 

        • I’m sure when/if Trump leaves White House it will take major cleaning to kill the stench & I can only imagine all the art he will steal on the way out.  

  3. I voted already – took 30 minutes. I tried to be a poll worker but they had tons of applications and I didn’t want to take a job away from someone who really needed it. 
    I know this is a little on the nose – but I’ve been blasting it every day as motivation music. 


  4. …it’s strange to think it’s from a different era…like it was strange to listen posthumously to bill hicks’ stuff about invading iraq when bush jr was playing daddy’s song over there…but the truth is I always seem to come back to this one


    • written, recorded and released within a week of 11/9 (‘9/11’) for those who might be unaware of the true genius behind this piece of #art

      not to pull a “hey wait, this isn’t the original…it’s the studio version” or anything

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